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Yeah, I have a kettle at my desk. I could buy a little fine mesh strainer and rinse out the grounds in the office but i'm verging even further into "that guy" status. OTOH though, coarser grounds means i'm annoying my cube-neighbors less with my hand grinder.
that's the thing--i'm a french press guy at heart, it's just a bitch to clean at work.
gotta make the movie toyetic after all.
I'm mainly an espresso/french roast/sumatra guy (dark roasts, lower acidity) but i decided to take a chance on stumptown's Ethiopia Guji. The tasting notes are Lemon-lime, black tea and hops. I've made it a couple times and i'm not totally sure if i like it or not--i definitely get the black tea and hops taste, but less the lemon lime taste. It also tastes a little watery, even though i'm using a good amount of coffee (1.5 scoops). My set up is electric kettle, aeropress,...
You don't need a coach to tell you to eat more. Increase your daily calorie intake by 500-700 calories, and then come back in a month.
There is no fanbase more thin skinned
now that fall is coming i cycled off creatine for a while so i can fit into my f/w sweaters and outerwear better.
worth reading a heidonist in the cellar? I like McInerney's fiction writing...
chef's table ssn 3 comes out this friday!
Rules of attraction changed my life in college. It was my catcher in the rye.
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