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Losing a ton of weight as well. Intermittent fasting and a quest bar to break my fast has tanked my appetite. Down below 160 (from 177), which I didn't think was ever going to happen.
SF tagline right here.
Vegetable lasagna.
Vegetable lasagna.
Started a coffee collective at work. Finally got me to pull the trigger on the Baritza Encore. Game changed. Coworkers appreciate it and chip in for beans. Plus it's nice not drinking the same stuff for days on end. Bought some fresh roasted easy drinking "early bird" blend from Whole Foods.
it's going to look cool but be the same boring marvel origin story that we've seen 400 times.
I grind fresh Hario Mini-mill to medium-fine grind.I'm procrastinating on buying another scale. I have one at home but this is all for the office.
So after using up the last of my beans in my aeoropress yesterday to make 1/2 my normal cup (3/4 of a scoop/fill to 2 vs. 1.5 scoops, fill to 4) and i actually liked the way it came out a lot more. I tried it this morning with new beans and the results were similar--plus the caffeine jolt felt much more pronounced. Not sure why, but I'm going to start playing around with brew times (currently at 90 seconds, might try upping it to 120)
Yeah, I have a kettle at my desk. I could buy a little fine mesh strainer and rinse out the grounds in the office but i'm verging even further into "that guy" status. OTOH though, coarser grounds means i'm annoying my cube-neighbors less with my hand grinder.
that's the thing--i'm a french press guy at heart, it's just a bitch to clean at work.
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