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yeah. it's a bit snug in the shoulders but otherwise it feels fine
Yeah there's no place to put my camera in the bathroom that's higher. I also probably stand up too straight. Though maybe I should just stop taking pictures at work.
Speaking of leather jacket weather. TOJ/Uniqlo/Levi's/Milsurp
turns out i won this promotion to be styled by michael bastian at uniqlo.
Mark don't take this the wrong way but it seems like you might be just taking up powerlifting because you're bored with bodybuilding because you've been cutting for a while and need something that will interest you and hey half of the people on this thread are struggle powerlifters anyway so you can bounce ideas off of all of us. Instead of just jumping down that rabbit hole perhaps you should look at different aspects of fitness (yoga, running, cross-training, playing a...
he train from child
Weed and naps
just add a couple hundred calories to your TDEE. If you feel like you're losing strength/hindering recovery eat a little more. Track beers and such like it's normal macros.
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