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I stopped doing yoga and just did a self-directed stretching routine and I like it a lot more. Yoga has just too much other shit than the stuff i want out of it.
Hey guys ToJ, Strike Gold, uniqlp, mil surp
Went to eataly's rooftop beer hall last night and it had an alpine theme. We had the Grossjean Petiti Arvine and i was chatting with the somellier about alpine swiss wines--apparently the cold-climate reds are hugely popular from that producer as well.
it's all relative. I bought a ToJ at 150 and it fit up until i was 165ish but once i reach above that it gets tight again. 166 right now. My ideal weight is probably 6 or 7 pounds leaner than this.Dealing with a groin injury from fucking riding a mechanical bull (check the ig for a video). It's been all chest day and then running i guess.There was a fight at my gym the other day. Two guys just starting whit with each other and then some grabbing as the workers broke it up....
i'm trying to slim down rather than bulk up because i don't feel like growing out of my favorite pieces.
Processed carbs make me fatigued so when i'm relatively low on that front i feel a lot better.
Anitori is my favorite wine period. The tuscan blend is just great.I had this exact wine at chez pannisse. Was surprised at how fruit forward it is.Recommendations for whites that are more grassy and herbal? I had a French Sauv Blanc but it was more tropical fruit than grass--any particular appelation that gets those notes?
I didn't like my aeropress either. I much prefer my french press coffee.
Woah TIL
My girlfriend took me to a 19 course tasting menu at Aska for my birthday. I put all of the images in an album I have been to a couple tasting menu/michelen starred spots in NYC so I have a few points of comparison. I would say that the experience was somewhat comparable to a fancy omakase spot, which is to say, very seafood heavy, lots of coaxing subtle flavors out of the ingredients, and a few things falling into that "kind of weird, not sure if i like it, but very...
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