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It was really bad in RI/CT/MA and Long Island. NYC is a relatively small area so even a slight change in wind direction kept the storm from hitting the city hard. Most forecasters acknowledged this as a possibility but in the pre-storm hype it kind of got lost (and of course, if something doesn't hit NYC, it doesn't happen at all).
RIP Blink
Snowy soup time? Snowy Soup time! Chicken noodle soup.
Jean Grey is already the Sansa of the X-men Universe
It's cold out so i made chicken soup
Ditmas park is pretty far into BK (~35-45 min into downtown) but if you're not worried about a longish commute it's probably what you're looking for. I lived slightly more in (Windsor Terrace) and have friends out there and they like it (and it's super cheap)
That comment reminds me that I should rewatch die hard 3.
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