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I felt a bit weird with them being so white and pristine so I made an effort to do shit in them (a lot of walking in general, but also dancing/getting beer spilled on them at a house party on saturday).Gonna hit them with a magic eraser at some point to clean up any of the more flagrant surface stains but I'm actually liking them a bit more worn in...the scuffs in particular are giving them some cool character.
Lunar af1s in white holding up nicely
I used to work for Wizard. They closed down and are now an online periodical I believe.
Jarude wrote something about swimming only 2 years late.
wow damn those are cool. why'd they remove the option?
tfw you haven't lifted heavy in months but you're more aesthetic than you've ever been. I've been running and playing soccer a lot more. My gym routine is all bodyweight for upper body+isolation machines for lower body. Eating at a slight defecit, periodic carb-ups from indulgent days = somehow totally thick and joocy.
Bergen County represent mang
you can also id those
I like how nobody is touching this
Lord of the (2) Rings: Return of the KIng
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