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Has anyone else been enjoying the trainwreck in the TOJ thread? Like, I don't have a jacket on order, so I don't really have a stake in it, but I can't stay away from a good shitstorm.
113 upvotes isn't a lot considering how big fittit is.
Gf and I are being Ryu and Chun-Li
If you had invested $800 in the S&P 500 on July 3rd 2013 you'd have $983 today.Then again an $800 jacket in July 2013 is now $815.19 in today's dollars, so in that sense you're getting a good deal.
pizzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2014/10/extra-crispy-bar-style-tortilla-pizza-recipe.html
RHET secret santa this year? Maybe early for a RHETsgiving?
yeah, i'm sticking around my office for a while to learn a bunch of other peoples' jobs so i can pad out my resume a bit. working on drumming up freelance work.I've already applied to get my MS in Marketing with a focus on Marketing research and should get in but that doesn't start till next year.
thanks guys. I was looking for other jobs already and getting interviews but it'd be nice to have left on my own terms. I'm paid through feb so i'm fine money-wise but i don't want to just sit around during the slow times (i.e. holidays) with my thumbs up my ass. Plus with this patellar tendon thing (partial tear) i'm limited to upper body work, so i can't even use this time to improve my cardio or yoga flexibility. I'm seeing an ortho tomorrow to check on my knee.
Got laid off Decent severence though wish my knee wasn't arsed or else i'd use this time to train a bit more.
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