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Yeah thin running socks from target = no chafing.
they're pretty stretchy, but still jean-like. They stretch out a bit more than i'd like after 4 wears but i should be washing them anyway.
keggings jeans are on uniqlo multi-buy. stock up my large-legged bretheren.
I think crossfit games also don't test for dat dere.
I'm Currently 165 at 5'6". Depending on how quickly i get to working around this shoulder thing i'd like to either cut down to high 150's or just balloon up into 170's and then cut.
If i could grow facial hair i'd totally bulk like fuck and go straight dwarf swag.
arent they reissuing the original free runs? edit: seems like it. http://www.complex.com/sneakers/2014/03/nike-commemorates-present-past-with-genealogy-free-pack
The Swole Gentleman Lifestyle thread.
feeling #menswear [[SPOILER]]
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