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This is my first Alden. Brown-calf wingtip boots with commando sole. Since it's the first pair, i need to risk ordering same size as my other boots, it turns out perfect fit to me. Let me save up for a while, i'll go for the Shell's.
I'm interested to order Brown wingtip boots from Alden of Carmel. Does anyone own such pair? I'd like to see it how it turns out. Thank you, gentlemen!
I'm a newbie on Alden and haven't own any. I am seriously going to buy Alden wingtip boot-Barrie Last and i need your suggestion on size. My RedWing Moc Toe boot size is 8 1/2 D - width is perfect, length is slightly too long, but still all right. (8D is too tight). My Wesco JobMaster boot size is also 8 1/2D - width is perfect, length is the same as above. My White's Cougar boot size is also 8 1/2D. My Nike sneaker size is 9US. Please suggest what size of Alden -...
Since u must have tons of cool clothes, i'd then go for the Ducatti.
In my line of duty, i usually don't wear formal anymore. Jeans is always on me. But i have a French-cuff, Slim-fit shirt, the color is pink-white stripe. Can i wear this shirt+cuff ink with jeans? Will it look ridiculous? What's your recommendation on matching them?
If i were u, i wouldn't be interested. I rather go for a newer pair like Kenneth Cole, considering in your price range.
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