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Assuming you're buying the cheap $1-2 type of these tools, Tweezerman makes some that would be a step up (both in price & quality).
You may just need a product with stronger hold. What kind of gel are you using?
Wholeheartedly agree with this. As another merlot McAllister owner, this was a large part of the appeal for this shoe, in this particular color.
+1. Wide labels & narrow tie looks odd.
What brand is this, Chris?
Some of the ones I've heard of:Birchbox Man12 SocietyBespoke PostFor Men 2
There's been a bunch of these popping up lately - companies that send you a box every month with different grooming samples in them. I saw the video for Dollar Shave Club and I know they send you razors/blades, but there are a bunch of others that do high-end men's hair & shaving products. I'm curious if anyone has tried one of these and has any recommendations, either way.
Not bad. I had one incident of heel slippage in wearing them around for a day, but I think that was more because I forced my foot into my shoe in a hurry. Looks like they are a startup, as the packaging was bare bones. That said, I'm considering buying a three-pack, unless there's a clearly superior alternative.
I'm looking for the same thing and considering the Randolph.
"If you're near a Nordstrom Rack, they sell Woodlore trees for $12.90 a pair. Just picked up a couple pairs the other day." These are seconds, and may have more knots and pits in the wood and be more prone to chipping. You could get a decent pair, but you never know.
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