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i passed by a florsheim store in singapore during a business trip and saw a few styles of florsheim that were more expensive than the kenmoor wingtips ($225), and even the adriano and alfonso ($270), which were also on display at that same store. they were either marked 'imperial' or 'royal imperial' on the insoles. the 'imperial' ones were made in spain, and the 'royal imperial' ones were made in italy. as I was made to believe previously, I thought that the...
im not sure if this is a stupid question ... but I have the following pair of brown shoes pictured below. What color pants would go well with this color ? if you could, please kindly post pictures of pants in the color you are referring to, thanks!
hi there i have some questions on the sizing for the polo ralph lauren darlton wingtips. I noticed I have only ever seen these shoes sold in a medium (d) width ? do these shoes come in a wide (W) width ? also, I am a size US 10.5 in nikes. what size do you suggest I take in the darlton wingtips ? thanks.
are these available still in the 10.5E ? thks
are these still available for sale ?
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