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i'm looking to get some cedar shoe trees (washburn, st paul, epic, ultra) and I was wondering if there were websites that ship their cedar shoe trees overseas ? my preferred website was shoetreemarketplace - but they don't do so. btw - I'm from singapore.
i tried a search on last 351, but to no avail. anyone can lead me to website or online store I can view some models by c&j on the 351 last ? thanks!
i was looking at the 358 and the 348 last, and I was wondering if there was anything from c&j more narrow/pointy ? I like narrow pointy shoes. and between the 358 and the 348 ... which is narrower ?
Quote: Originally Posted by schanop Between the two, I like the Ultra' heel better, but the Wahsburn's full toe. For me, a Washburn fits some shoes better, but an Ultra fits most shoes better, so it depends on a fit for each pair whether I would choose a Washburn or an Ultra. Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett It does indeed depend on the shoe. My top two recommendations would be the Rochester Washburn (which I've...
any ideas everyone ? thanks.
Hi there, where is the cheapest place online to find authentic gucci sunglasses for men/women's styles ? I mean, aside from ebay ... please advise, thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa I refuse to answer the question in the hope that you will not purchase pants and wear these shoes in public. unfortunately I think these shoes are just lovely ...
Quote: Originally Posted by &Son One of the USA's (and Chicago's) greatest disappointments. I have some ancient Florsheims from my father that I keep for nostalgic reasons. They go great with his vintage Eddie Bauer and Abercrombie and Fitch camping and expedition gear. Oh, as to the O.P.'s original request, stop looking and buy something worth owning. could someone give me a brief and quick insight into why brands like florsheim and AE...
Quote: Originally Posted by senocs hi there i have some questions on the sizing for the polo ralph lauren darlton wingtips. I noticed I have only ever seen these shoes sold in a medium (d) width ? do these shoes come in a wide (W) width ? also, I am a size US 10.5 in nikes. what size do you suggest I take in the darlton wingtips ? thanks. any ideas guys ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant These? thanks for the link. i have already browsed through the entire range at the aussie site. some of the models I saw are on the aussie site. but these 2 models I posted above aren't on the site! any ideas ? thanks.
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