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I Just ordered 2 pairs MTO from Tony Gaziano when he was in town to show off the new Deco line. I ordered the Oxford in black calf on the TG73 last which can be seen here: and the St James in vintage oak calf on the TG73 Last. I was quoted an estimated wait time of 5 months on my MTO purchase. Tony really tried his best to sell me bespoke but that was a little rich for my budget at $3,500 per pair. The timeframe he said...
I saw that exact same polo at the Bloomingdales in Santa Monica, CA last weekend. Additionally, if you call the Gant store in NY I'm sure they will have it. I think the polo comes in 2 colors, gray and white and is $115
Michael Bastian Cashmere Argyle Sweater in a 52 and Michael Bastian Terry Cloth Sweatshirt in a 50 for incredible prices. Both auctions end in a little over 3 hours.
Michael Bastian designed a line for Gant and fall/winter 2010 was his 1st collection. Michael Bastian still has his main line which still utilizes Cucinelli fabrics. I'm not aware that incotex has made anything for Bastian. Bastian Main Line: Gant by Bastian:
My size too! I'm very interested if anyone goes please let me know
Me like
Do you have any samples of the Gant Bastian stuff you will be carrying and when do you expect the arrival date to be?
Need Proxy from Toronto to USA! I believe Holt Renfrew last call in Vaughn City has Yuketen hunt boots on sale for $209 according to another poster on Styleforum. Ideally, you could go to the store and send me pictures as I'm looking for a size 10 US in either brown or different colored wool hunt boot. I've tried to call the store and they indicated the won't do a search or ship to the USA so I'm relying completely on the poster who indicated the yuketen boots are at the...
I would also be interested in a proxy for the brown or multi color wool in size 10. LMK if anyone can help as I'm in the USA
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