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What's thecorner.com code for 15% wishlist items?
I wear a suit everyday to work which is what I will buying this suit for.
I am going to order a Navy Flannel suit from WW Chan and I'm looking for a few fabric recommendations. I'd like to spend in the $1,500-$2,000 range and probably 11-13 oz. The intent is to wear in the winter, I like a lot of texture, and prefer a somewhat of a solid. Thus, no pinstripes or checks. In the past I have always bought Holland and Sherry and been very happy so if anyone has any recommendations from a Holland and Sherry book or I'm open to different books as well...
Thank you all for the feedback. Just to update everyone W.W. Chan did offer to pick up the shipping or credit a future order for the alterations from a local tailor because of their errors. I really believe this is a 1st class operation and I appreciate them reconsidering their stance on my issues. I will be ordering many more suits and shirts in the future
In the past year, I have ordered 5 suits and several shirts from WW Chan. I could not be more pleased with the fit and think their tailoring is incredible. During there last tour to the USA, I ordered a tuxedo which cost about $2,500. All I wanted was a 1 button single breasted tuxedo with buttons attached to the trousers to wear braces. I received the tuxedo and immediately noticed their was 1 felt button on the interior of the jacket and another felt button on the...
F.Corbera: That's it, looks pretty strange to me. This style is just not my cup of tea so is removing the interior button pretty easy? Frankly, I don't know why WW Chan would give me this type of button if I didn't specifially ask for it. I've ordered 10 suits previously from them and any styling is talked about at our appointments but not on this one.
I had a 1 button single breasted tux made by WW Chan that I just received today. On the 1 button tux, there is 1 felt button on the outside of the suit jacket and one felt button on the inside of the tux jacket that appear are both attached by the same thread. I have never seen a tux like this so can you please tell me how I’m supposed to button the tux? If I button the exterior button there is a slight crease in the jacket where the interior button is. Yet, if I button...
I don't have a link to the Belvest coat, tried to find it on the internet but failed
I need a navy overcoat and I'm really torn between a Belvest or Hickey Freeman. Honestly, the overcoats are vastly different but the pricing is too. The Belvest was originally $3,000 marked down to $1,800 and will probably go down to $1,200 in the next few weeks but it could sell before the next round of discounts. Whereas the Hickey Freeman is $2,000 marked down to $1,000 but I can probably get this for around $600 plus tailoring which should run another $100. Both...
I bought a SNS stark sweater in navy in a size lare and it's too big on me. I paid $250 from Tres bien Shop but didn't realize the shipping would be so expensive to return the item. Thus, my loss is your gain. I only accept paypal and please no personal payments. My price is $210 shipped priority mail to the USA only and If you have any questions, please send me a PM The measurements are: Pit to Pit: 20.5 Bottom of Collar: 27.5
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