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Nice PSA Would echo what the email says as last time I went over they were out by lunchtime Call ahead if you want something
Julian & Sarah Congrats on the storefront! I was curious to know how permanent your supply of AS Premier shoes is likely to be, given that they have been discontinued by AS? Wonderful to have a UK retail of Saphir products as well! Best KJ
Thanks for that clarification PB I just went by the store and they are pretty much sold out of any reasonable sizes (and I am a UK 11 so go figure) They did mention that some of the English shoes may go on sale in the next few weeks. Suggested that anyone interested should call and place an order. Email is not preferred. That being said, I was disappointed with the style of the shoes as well as the last/feel. Perhaps it was just the Italian shoes and the English...
Just walked past the Marinella store and its not open yet, same display in the window I walked by Saville Row as well but do not know the address of the potential Drakes store so, while I did not see one, I might have missed it
Thanks for the great PSA I assume the Italian shoes are all Blake-stitched?
As much as people say grey is versatile (and I believe it should be a staple) it appears that most of the pics posted so far use white shirts, moreso than in the Praise of Blue/Brown threads. Just my unscientific opinion But props to the great idea for these threads and the inspirational pics within them! KJ
although i am not taking you up on the offer, here's a BUMP for the thought
Quote: Originally Posted by Gininteacups Here's a press release. This should roughly coincide with the opening of the Drake's store in Savile Row. One shall be truly spoilt for choice for ties in London! Oh thanks for that piece of news! I am really looking forward now KJ
Was walking up to dinner last night and saw a window display on Maddox St which indicated there is an E.Marinella store "coming soon". No details on the website. Does anyone else have something to add on the matter? Either way, I am looking forward to the opening KJ
EG Shannon. Respect.
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