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Went to the Marinella store briefly. It finally opened on the 1st as someone mentioned before. Shop was nice but didn't compare to Drake's. Maybe I just didnt like the patterns or the display but I found the selection much more appealing at Drake's. All ties were priced at £140 (though I may have misheard £114) which put them significantly above Drake's. Space was relatively small, moreso with 3 staff members crammed in. Mainly devoted to ties though there were a...
thanks for the update on shirt sizing any way to tell on the website if a Barba shirt is white or black label (do I just need to look at the picture?) comparable sizing on the mattabisch would help those considering it vs barba/borrelli KJ
Just went by the Drake's store today If I want starting an MBA in 2 months I would've done some serious damange in there. Somebody with a real camera needs to get in there and snap away. Most ties were £95 or £110 Interestingly the store stocks a lot of shirts, much more than I expected. While they look nice I didn't bother trying them due to the price (~£250) Staff seemed friendly KJ
Just got an email saying that Drake's will open its store this Saturday at No.3 Clifford St. Doesn't look like the Marinella store is any closer to opening
Thanks for the reply, I was looking at - I realize its 15.5 I assume all the shirts from a given brand fit the same? KJ
I know this has been asked in the past but wanted to check post new stock: Are the Borrelli shirts slim fit? What about Barba? Can you post measurements for a 15" shirt? Many thanks KJ
Echoing a request for whiskey/cognac cordovan boots - basically a substitute for Rider Boots which can be very hard to get a hold of in the UK (and for which sizing is unclear, at least to me) Thanks KJ
I visited Volpe and came away with the understanding that they can do MTM from Caruso but do not carry any RTW at the store. You can try suits made for other MTM clients to get an idea of the fit but obviously that will vary from one suit to the other as they are not all based on the same measurements or cut from the same pattern Unfortunately, I cannot remember the price for Caruso MTM but the gentlemen who run the store are a pleasure to deal with
Nice PSA Would echo what the email says as last time I went over they were out by lunchtime Call ahead if you want something
Julian & Sarah Congrats on the storefront! I was curious to know how permanent your supply of AS Premier shoes is likely to be, given that they have been discontinued by AS? Wonderful to have a UK retail of Saphir products as well! Best KJ
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