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Thanks for the great PSA I assume the Italian shoes are all Blake-stitched?
As much as people say grey is versatile (and I believe it should be a staple) it appears that most of the pics posted so far use white shirts, moreso than in the Praise of Blue/Brown threads. Just my unscientific opinion But props to the great idea for these threads and the inspirational pics within them! KJ
although i am not taking you up on the offer, here's a BUMP for the thought
Quote: Originally Posted by Gininteacups Here's a press release. This should roughly coincide with the opening of the Drake's store in Savile Row. One shall be truly spoilt for choice for ties in London! Oh thanks for that piece of news! I am really looking forward now KJ
Was walking up to dinner last night and saw a window display on Maddox St which indicated there is an E.Marinella store "coming soon". No details on the website. Does anyone else have something to add on the matter? Either way, I am looking forward to the opening KJ
EG Shannon. Respect.
You are all true gents Thanks for the PSA and coupon codes
Any chance of more 40L suits coming through? Just seen the same ones for the last 6mo or so Thanks
Ive been looking for a deal on a Milano but had no luck. Any suggestions PS: sorry for the threadjack
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