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I am considering making up an unlined/half-lined 3r2, 2 patch pockets, SB sportcoat This will be my workhorse coat and I would like to wear it with light grey/charcoal/brown/white trousers and perhaps with dark denim as well. I am going to be in Boston for 2yrs and want something for warmer evenings (i dont expect it to keep me cozy at thanksgiving). Would love to hear recommendations for fabric. I want to avoid navy blue because it is a bit boring in my view....
Anyone else meeting with Mina this weekend in London? I am considering an appointment and would be interested to hear her prices for a sportcoat and 2pc suit. I already emailed to ask but she did not answer the question (perhaps prefering to discuss in person). Anybody else like to chime in on the experience? I am a relatively new bespoke client but this thread has convinced me I need to meet Mina and her team; I believe I read that they are good at advising clients on...
Quote: Originally Posted by UK2004 Did they have the wallets and card holders? I think I saw wallets but not sure
Quote: Originally Posted by hst Is it on Maddox Street? I can't find the shop this afternoon. Yes it is. Forget the exact address but its east of new bond st (take a right from F Pinet when walking up bond st)
Went to the Marinella store briefly. It finally opened on the 1st as someone mentioned before. Shop was nice but didn't compare to Drake's. Maybe I just didnt like the patterns or the display but I found the selection much more appealing at Drake's. All ties were priced at £140 (though I may have misheard £114) which put them significantly above Drake's. Space was relatively small, moreso with 3 staff members crammed in. Mainly devoted to ties though there were a...
thanks for the update on shirt sizing any way to tell on the website if a Barba shirt is white or black label (do I just need to look at the picture?) comparable sizing on the mattabisch would help those considering it vs barba/borrelli KJ
Just went by the Drake's store today If I want starting an MBA in 2 months I would've done some serious damange in there. Somebody with a real camera needs to get in there and snap away. Most ties were £95 or £110 Interestingly the store stocks a lot of shirts, much more than I expected. While they look nice I didn't bother trying them due to the price (~£250) Staff seemed friendly KJ
Just got an email saying that Drake's will open its store this Saturday at No.3 Clifford St. Doesn't look like the Marinella store is any closer to opening
Thanks for the reply, I was looking at http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/...cln--15/Detail http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/...n--15.5/Detail - I realize its 15.5 I assume all the shirts from a given brand fit the same? KJ
I know this has been asked in the past but wanted to check post new stock: Are the Borrelli shirts slim fit? What about Barba? Can you post measurements for a 15" shirt? Many thanks KJ
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