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Can anyone tell me if the sizing is UK or US? Or if there is a way to get in touch with the seller to ask fit questions? Thanks KJ
Julian When ordering AS Exclusives is it possible to make changes (ie different colour suede)? Thanks KJ
Just received an email notification that Slowear (Incotex, Zanone etc) is having a sample sale in NYC from Nov 7-10. As I will not be in town I thought to share it with those who may be interested. Apparently things are at least 65% off 10am - 530pm 9th floor 135 5th Ave (at 20th st) Enjoy
I believe Mina was last in London in July and am sure she will be back No excuses!
We needed this thread Thanks
Went by today to pick up my first shirt and to be honest it was a bit of a disaster. I tried on the shirt and discovered that the sleeves had been incorrectly attached (left sleeve in right armhole etc). This had not been picked up by the shirtmaker in Cyrpus and had not been checked in London either. To be honest that reminded me of some online MTM total lack of QC issues which I had hoped to avoid by meeting with somebody face to face. Probably due to the above the...
H&K slimfit doesnt go on sale which would put them out of OPs budget as well
I know you said you went by Jermyn St but N&L has tailored fit at 3 for 180 which I find are the slimmest of the lot there. However, if you are a 15.5 and want button cuffs you are SOL
Noticed that you have been asking around re this book for a while now I had my first bespoke suit made from this book (Navy birdseye). I am quite happy with it. Without knowing too much about other options I would say it feels like quite a sturdy cloth (12/13 oz IIRC). I was guided to the cloth by my tailor when I asked for a navy suit with texture. If you have other questions I can strive to answer them. No pics unfortunately.
Apparently it is advisable to own a tux for my MBA program as there are a number of formal dinners etc. How much should I expect to pay for an entry-level rig (suit + shirt etc) and where can I get it? Thanks in advance KJ
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