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H&K slimfit doesnt go on sale which would put them out of OPs budget as well
I know you said you went by Jermyn St but N&L has tailored fit at 3 for 180 which I find are the slimmest of the lot there. However, if you are a 15.5 and want button cuffs you are SOL
Noticed that you have been asking around re this book for a while now I had my first bespoke suit made from this book (Navy birdseye). I am quite happy with it. Without knowing too much about other options I would say it feels like quite a sturdy cloth (12/13 oz IIRC). I was guided to the cloth by my tailor when I asked for a navy suit with texture. If you have other questions I can strive to answer them. No pics unfortunately.
Apparently it is advisable to own a tux for my MBA program as there are a number of formal dinners etc. How much should I expect to pay for an entry-level rig (suit + shirt etc) and where can I get it? Thanks in advance KJ
I am EXACTLY in the same boat as you with H&H as my staple but as they dont make slim fit button cuff shirts I have been looking elsewhere I visited Erlend at Stephen Shirts and have ordered one shirt. I can let you know when I get it back (which should be in 2 weeks). Biggest disappointment was the limited fabric selection but will hold off judgement on the quality and fit until I receive the shirt
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 Probably some has to do with sizing/fit issue as well. I mean it's like Vass, except without the discussion thread where people chun in on their sizing experience. Imagine buying Vass U last on a single person's fit experience... +1 I am a 10.5/11 UK but have no idea how these fit to C&J/Cleverly Austerity brogue is beautiful
Ah found it, thanks! Looks almost exactly like what I am looking for The Unfunded Liabilities thread is a goldmine!
Thanks for the recommendation on Evolution. Some nice blues in the book (I have a suit in a similar birdseye) Whats the verdict on Mohair? All I know is that it travels well but can be too shiny for some.
Yachtie - I saw your Moonbeam DB on LL. Very handsome. I dont want this jacket exclusively for the summer. More like something that can be my go-to jacket year-round but not interested in a heavy tweed just yet. PSguy - Could you mention which cloth you are looking at? I looked at an option in herringbone and it was intriguing RogerC - Fresco is another option I am looking at. Haven't seen any examples of it made up though. Got any to share? Scruff - That looks...
Zac, I am making it in London before I leave Thanks to the others - any recommendations of fabrics like you mention?
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