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+1Too bad none in my size
Thanks to all for the advice and PMs. I had a pleasant meeting with Mina and Dino: they were pretty clear that they were uncomfortable working to the December hard deadline and I appreciated their honesty. Although frustrated, I still commissioned a lovely dark grey (not quite charcoal) 3 season cloth from the VBC book for a 3r2 suit. Having looked at other options I wanted to at least test out NSM given where they sit in the price spectrum. The two of them were very...
Thanks for the warm wishes and your advice! I am excited to be meeting with Mina and Dino later today (assuming my flight back to Boston is not delayed). Unfortunately, Dino seems skeptical that the suit will be completed in time for the wedding but I may still go ahead and commission something else from them. The more I look around, the more I am amazed by the sweet price/quality spot that NSM appears to hit (especially with the weak euro).In response to your particular...
Spoo, dont make me wish for you to gain masses of weight Stop the insta-kop
X post from Unfunded Liabilities: Gentlemen I am considering commissioning a suit for my wedding through Mina @ Napoli Su Misura and would love to get your thoughts regarding an appropriate suiting. As for some context, my other "nice" suit is a navy birdseye and I was hoping to achieve 2 things with this new suit: have something appropriate for my own wedding; broaden my suit wardrobe. As such, I was considering a grey/charcoal suiting, perhaps with a herringbone weave....
That's what I am counting on. Thanks!
Shall I take that as the Vox stamp of approval on my thoughts regarding a charcoal herringbone suiting? Perhaps I will bump into you at the fitting in Boston and you can help me out in person? (thereby instantly making me credible in WAYWRN and CBD threaks and encouraging me to make controversial posts)
X post from AFPOS thread: Long overdue post with pictures of a pair of AS Exclusive Odell in dark brown suede Apologies for the poor quality of the photos.
Long overdue post with pictures of a pair of AS Exclusive Odell in dark brown suede. The team at AFPOS were a pleasure to work with and the shoes came with a complimentary suede eraser. The shoes are beautiful and garner compliments every day. Unfortunately, the right shoe is still a bit tight and I am considering purchasing a pair of shoe-stretchers to sort me out. This is disappointing as I am normally a size UK 11 in all other UK manufacturers. Apologies for...
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