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Keep It Simple, Stupid
Main post updated with pictures
Thinking of selling a pair of Dark Brown GJ Cleverly RTW Derby in UK size 11 Cared well for 2yrs and come with original trees and bags Dainite sole The shoes are very similar to the C&J Exmoor and I believe that some Cleverly RTW is produced by C&J http://www.crockettandjones.com/Product/Exmoor-Darkbrown Here are my crappy iPhone pics http://s1265.photobucket.com/albums/jj514/kayjay85/GJ%20Cleverly%20Henry/
Foo as you visit Naples often enough this may not be relevant to you but in the interest of building a central repository of information: E. Marinella store @ 54 Maddox St in Mayfair
Great thread Subscribed Thanks to all those who are posting and critiquing. It is very enlightening. Not sure what sparked this resurgence of posting from Manton et al but I like the life breathed into the forum KJ
Namor FWIW I have been speaking with a proxy who recommended 45 in F for me and I wear UK 11I have not yet placed the order to I hope it works out
+1Too bad none in my size
Thanks to all for the advice and PMs. I had a pleasant meeting with Mina and Dino: they were pretty clear that they were uncomfortable working to the December hard deadline and I appreciated their honesty. Although frustrated, I still commissioned a lovely dark grey (not quite charcoal) 3 season cloth from the VBC book for a 3r2 suit. Having looked at other options I wanted to at least test out NSM given where they sit in the price spectrum. The two of them were very...
Thanks for the warm wishes and your advice! I am excited to be meeting with Mina and Dino later today (assuming my flight back to Boston is not delayed). Unfortunately, Dino seems skeptical that the suit will be completed in time for the wedding but I may still go ahead and commission something else from them. The more I look around, the more I am amazed by the sweet price/quality spot that NSM appears to hit (especially with the weak euro).In response to your particular...
Spoo, dont make me wish for you to gain masses of weight Stop the insta-kop
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