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Interested in a L Not sure which color - but thats because I like them all!
Can anyone give me a sense of the difference between these 2 shawl-collar cardigans? Looking for info on material and fit Thanks! http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1881/Epaulet-Lambswool-Shawl-Collar/Detail http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1923/Hardie-Shawl-Collar-Cardigan/Detail
Thank you Kirby
Kirby What color saphir cream would you recommend for vass 6125 (shown in pictures below) PS: shoes are not as red as in the picture below would it be mahogany (09)? thanks!
I was wondering the same thing and ended up ordering them in F-last for 2 reasons:- I have large feet and the elongated shape of the U might have been too much- The toe box on the U appears ever so slightly boxy to meI just received my shoes yesterday and they are gorgeous! Very pleased with how the make-up looks (6125 calf with single sole). Size-wise, I wear a UK 11 in most shoes and went with a size 45 which so far appears to be the right size. However, there is some...
I believe it would be another $100 for proxy of cordovan but PM Tombrone to get the real deal
Congrats on your shoosies NAMOR Mine should be in transit soon and I am crossing my fingers that they fit right!
Oh My Dammit!Beautiful - makes me regret not signing up for this MTOCongrats
I am also working with Tom and he has been very helpful. Will update on shoe fit etc when they arrive FWIW I had PMed Kolecho who apparently also provides a proxy service but I never heard back from him so perhaps he has stopped doing so
NAMOR Great job of selling the NST to me. Now I just need to receive my first pair (austerity brogue) to make sure I have the fit down and then can start pondering a makeup of the NST Damn you SF
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