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Agreed that the sweaters are borderline for tall people I am 6'1 and had to get a large sweater and it barely reaches where i like on my sleeves
I believe it would be another $100 for proxy of cordovan but PM Tombrone to get the real deal
Congrats on your shoosies NAMOR Mine should be in transit soon and I am crossing my fingers that they fit right!
Oh My Dammit!Beautiful - makes me regret not signing up for this MTOCongrats
I am also working with Tom and he has been very helpful. Will update on shoe fit etc when they arrive FWIW I had PMed Kolecho who apparently also provides a proxy service but I never heard back from him so perhaps he has stopped doing so
NAMOR Great job of selling the NST to me. Now I just need to receive my first pair (austerity brogue) to make sure I have the fit down and then can start pondering a makeup of the NST Damn you SF
Keep It Simple, Stupid
Main post updated with pictures
Thinking of selling a pair of Dark Brown GJ Cleverly RTW Derby in UK size 11 Cared well for 2yrs and come with original trees and bags Dainite sole The shoes are very similar to the C&J Exmoor and I believe that some Cleverly RTW is produced by C&J http://www.crockettandjones.com/Product/Exmoor-Darkbrown Here are my crappy iPhone pics http://s1265.photobucket.com/albums/jj514/kayjay85/GJ%20Cleverly%20Henry/
Foo as you visit Naples often enough this may not be relevant to you but in the interest of building a central repository of information: E. Marinella store @ 54 Maddox St in Mayfair
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