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forgive me if i missed this but do you post sleeve measurements on the website? i didnt see them for some of the sweaters and jackets thanks in advance
cant think of a better home for this: there is a strong case that has been made for navy trousers being limiting with regards to the choice of jackets being limited primarily to brown one further question: what suggestions for jackets when pairing with navy trousers and black shoes?
What are the tan looking trousers worn by "streetlight" in the above pictures? Are they these?
Thanks for creating this thread. Please see my listing below:
I learn something from this thread Thanks again SF
Sorry if I missed this info but where are the collar measurements?
Thanks for the advice on Donegals I visited the respective websites and the images are limited so if anyone has a recommendation other than going to source (which I hope to do with W Bill in Jan) please do chime in
Apologies if I missed an appropriate suggestion above but I was looking for advice on where to find a navy donegal jacketing (SC not a suit) I am looking for a cloth appropriate for a staple winter SC When sitting with Dino he showed me some interesting 13g options from Cacciopoli and Ariston books but the swatches didn't appear to have enough "flecks" on them for my taste (perhaps it was just the luck of that particular swatch). I am not married to the idea of donegal...
All I have is from their website which i believe I linked in my OPThey are coming to my campus and offering 10% discount for students so I am going to visit them and get a look-see but as I have no personal experience with them I was reaching out to the forum's collective wisdom. As per their email:Our family tailoring shop, JC & Son Tailoring Co., will be coming to Boston on Dec 2 to Dec 4. Prices for our high-quality custom-made suits and shirts are follows: suits are $...
Ah unfortunately no herringbone in L so I will bow out Thanks for this though!
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