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Aquascutum has started their sale 40% off most items it seemed, other than woolen outerwear and scarves
I find that for the evenings a deep maroon/purple works very well. For daytime office wear, not so much.
Thanks for the replies everyone I am leaning towards getting the Barbour Intl. Any ideas on where I can pick it up at a bargain price? Has anyone got any exerpience with their wool overcoats? http://www.barbourbymail.co.uk/newpr...ategoryID=1971
Looking for some insight from this board on the relative merits of each for a waxed cotton jacket. I am looking for one to deal with the rain in London and the waxed jacket looks like it would go great with my raw denim jeans. Seems like a huge price difference b/w the 2 (see links below for example). Can you guys explain that to me? Other than the price difference what is the connotation associated with each...
thanks for the thoughts. @ amplified heat: I don't recall saying I dont want another layer. I need something to wear over a shirt and sweater combo since that is my usual work outfit. It is unusual for me to wear a suit to work. Perhaps that is what you are referring to? Also saw these: http://www.barbour.com/index.cfm?fus...D=25&RangeID=1 http://www.barbour.com/index.cfm?fus...D=25&RangeID=1
@ mgomes: thanks, i am 6'2'' and pretty slim so hopefully the latter would work on me. Care to make some suggestions for other options?
Edited links They should work now
Gents As the title suggest, where would you recommend I search for a coat to wear to work, as well as over jeans. At work I am usually sans suit and wearing a jumper and flat front trousers. I would like to have something in Grey/Charcoal or Brown with perhaps a Herringbone pattern. Ideally something versatile is what I am driving for here. Aiming to spend under £300 and willing to wait until the New Year to benefit from markdowns. This has some potential but I...
the first tip is to use the search feature on the forum to find answers to questions already answered. just throw in keywords such as "cheap suits" or "shoe care" or "measurements" and see what comes up that should spare you from some of the more quick-tempered folk around here congrats on making the plunge
Cashmere, thanks for the heads up on the AS Havant but I am looking for brown calf, not suede. I did see some AS chukkas and while they were nice they didn't seem to do the same for me as some others. Kev/VoxPops I did look at Trickers but as with many of their shoes, I find them too "clunky" for my liking. Prefer sleeker lines I can find elsewhere
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