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just to confirm: the rise on the pleated and flat-front Rota are the same right?
You've got me considering suedeSo are we thinking black suede Tetburys? Shoe styling suggestions welcome
Any recommendations for footwear to wear in the evening to a bar/lounge? I am looking for something less formal than black captoes/brogues and was leaning towards Chelsea boots While I love suede I think leather might be more resilient against potential spills Thanks in advance for your opinions and advice
Never got a reply on this so trying againDont seem to see any sizes on outerwear
Am I the only one having difficulty seeing sizes? All the items state that they are being updated. I am 6' 1" and usually wear an Italian size 50 jacket. What size would you recommend in:
Thanks for the sizing info gents!
If I am a 34 waist what size should I get in the Tubo? Looking to make use of the slept-on coupon code Ta muchly
Great contest especially as I browse the site daily and have yet to kop (crazy, i know)
this might have been missed in the traffic but any sleeve measurements on the website?
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