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How do the crunchy wool trousers wear? Are they similar to fresco? And what about the garment dyed cotton-linen? Will they get some of the charming wrinkles from linen or for that do I need to head for the seersucker?
Thanks for the responseI actually emailed that address yesterday and thought I would try here as well. Will wait a response to my email
I will be in New York from London next week. Any chance of being able to pop in for a visit so I can see some of the things I am hesitant to order (and potentially exchange) overseas?
Oops I missed the working links. Thanks What fabrics are recommended for year-round wear? Or put another way, what could we expect to find in S/S Rota collection instead of flannels and cords that we have seen for F/W
Do I PM in regards to Rota pre-orders or is there a section on the website to do so? Thanks
I love the fawn flannel Rotas as well! Together with the pale grey they are the bulk of my work trousersI was wondering what the SS equivalent will be to the flannel? Lighter-weight wool? Cotton/Linen?Any thoughts Greg?Thanks
I was torn between the pleated and the flat fronts and settled on the latter because international returns are a PITAI usually wear flat fronts but am keen to move into more pleated but couldnt make the plunge without trying on firstI would keep stocking the pleated trousers in basics. Maybe add a charcoal/dark grey in both styles too?
just to confirm: the rise on the pleated and flat-front Rota are the same right?
You've got me considering suedeSo are we thinking black suede Tetburys? Shoe styling suggestions welcome
Any recommendations for footwear to wear in the evening to a bar/lounge? I am looking for something less formal than black captoes/brogues and was leaning towards Chelsea boots While I love suede I think leather might be more resilient against potential spills Thanks in advance for your opinions and advice
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