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Quote: Originally Posted by pandamonium I actually really like Saddleback. As for it working for your job, I guess it depends on whether you're trying to fit in or stand out. Exactly! While I was going through school at Wheaton College, I interviewed to intern at a business consultancy firm. I arrived in a suit and tie with my Saddleback chestnut briefcase at the time and sat down with the CEO. The first thing he asked me was about my bag...
Hello from Saddleback, I was reading through this post and just wanted to answer a few of the criticisms posted here. The questions posted here are all valid questions. I appreciate the candidness of your posts. First off, let me address some of the links to negative reviews that are posted on this thread. We're very aware of these reviews but you will notice that they are all dated around the end of 2007. Quite frankly, that was about the time our company was...
That is some beautiful leather!
Quote: Originally Posted by Montesquieu Berluti Deux Jours That's classic. Nice style
What is the briefcase, bag, pack, etc. you carry everyday. Show it here...... is hosting a Saddleback Messenger Bag Giveaway. The deadline to enter is October 12, 2009. Here's the link to enter: Messenger Bag Giveaway
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