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Quote: Originally Posted by Dob Sure. I think the Mullholland bags are now made in China and are not as well-made as they once were. Do you know where they were made before?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dob I think the pictures you posted in your new poll are incorrect - the bag you pictured with the Saddleback is a Mullholand - not the MW. Just FYI. Very different bags. Wow! You are absolutely right. My mistake. I've since updated the photos. Thanks for the catch.
I've started a similar discussion as this one on the Art of Manliness Community Site in the Man Bags group to see what the opinions are like there. You can check out the discussion at the link below.
Saddleback Large Satchel and Set to be released new Water Bag
Quote: Originally Posted by lazersnake Thanks, those are great. The middle belt that is attached to the flap is secured on the outside as opposed to being rivited through a slit in the leather. Is this a change in the design? Jack Hey Jack, Yes, I believe that was a minor change of design. Have you gotten your bag yet? Cheers, Jonathan
Hey, I designed that bag. Thanks for the kind words and glowing description. You're exactly the kind of person I want carrying one of my bags. Welcome to the inside. It's cold out there. Warm regards, Dave Munson Presidente Saddleback Leather Co.
That's pretty cool.
BTW, the glue in there is not to keep the bag together, but only to keep it from slipping and stretching out of place while sewing it. Thick leather tends to get pulled by the machine two different directions. They do it when sewing pretty much anything of thick leather. You'll be hard pressed to find glue like that in mass produced bags because they have very expensive machines that either eliminate the stretching or that spray a fine fine fine amount of glue on those...
Hi there, Dave again. I apologize for the response that you got a year ago. It surprises me, but maybe they were just trying to give one of those positive "your glass is half full" answers (Hey, the answer I just gave was one of those too). They shouldn't have. If you would like to trade it out for a suede lined one, no problem. Just refer to this post and they'll take care of you even though it's a year later. Sorry about that. So, the reason you got a pigskin lined...
Okay, so this is Dave from Saddleback again. I'd like to help folks understand the pigskin lining. I was surprised to hear somebody accuse Saddleback of falsely advertising that we use pigskin, but that it's truly synthetic. This is the first time I've heard somebody suggest that. Saddleback uses 100% pigskin for lining unless someone requests suede. Here's how you can tell. We don't paint the edges of the cut leather and pigskin on the bags and so the layers of skin...
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