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Try out the Unlucky Appreciation thread
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Is this a Casa Magna Toro? If so, it is literally the worst cigar in the world. Like smoking a used coffee filter wrapped in tree bark. I (unfortunately) have one or two kicking around that I bought as part of a collection from someone who quit smoking. If any of you are in Paris, I will pay you €5 for each one that you smoke in front of me. Matches will be provided free of charge. In more serious news: I...
more of the fatboy
Interested in the Tanner Cardholder. PM sent.
May I ask which strap that is on the blue spark? In reference to Warren G's watch.
$180 for the JCrew with discount? Am I missing a 30% off coupon somewhere?
believ that there is a whole thread on docs a few pages down. Not going to link it cause I'm on my phone. Best of luck with it
people will be stupid everywhere you go...just hope darwin comes by and cleans up the gene pool a bit
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