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http://www.nataliefranz.com/ e-mail her. she does their hair and makeup. Tell her you want to get put into contact with their stylist. Write a heartfelt letter, and maybe she'll help you. Once you get in contact with their stylist you're golden. I'm sure it'll be a simple answer from her. i.e. dior homme fall/winter 2007. But, don't cross your fingers because she might not get back to you. I couldn't find an email for their stylist offhand, but i found that. I just...
I need some help for how to wear a basic rugby shirt without looking like and idiot. I saw that Michael Bastian likes to layer them in winter with an ocbd and a tie underneath and wear it like a polo sweater, but i'm not sure if this look makes you look like a doofus. I'm going to use Dan Trepanier as an example (sorry Mafoofan). My rugby is straight navy with a white oxford collar, but i don't want to wear it plain. Any ideas? If you don't like a rugby, please no...
You can find something very, very similar from SNS Herning. They make high quality fisherman knits. http://www.sns-herning.com/webshopitem.aspx?id=31 Check back at the online shop come wintertime, and they might have more of what youre looking for in terms of the cable knit style.
Nickelson Wooster
They've got some great looking yet cheap ones right here. http://jandhp.bigcartel.com/category/lapel-flowers/ I did a post about them in my blog which is in my sig. http://bowtiedandstarryeyed.tumblr.c...smell-my-lapel
http://bowtiedandstarryeyed.tumblr.com/ if you like it, let me know.
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles I just saw this shirt for the first time on the website (I don't usually pay too much attention to short- sleeve button downs) but I got excited thinking that it would have some of the cool features of this shirt (hidden button, asymmetric pockets for example) but sadly no such luck. It got me thinking... could a long-sleeve shirt like this be converted into a short-sleeve shirt or would the proportions be...
What do you think of my blog? http://bowtiedandstarryeyed.tumblr.com/
http://raresights.tumblr.com/ ^ check it out
2 questions What would you say is the best color for an entry level db'er? (besides beeswax leather or tan) and how is the sizing? 1/2 size down or so....
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