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You need to get well and get back in the kitchen, I'm starting to miss the updates. You could probably have a career in food writing as well, love your updates.
I prefer dogs, but also like cats. Having said that, I do think most cat-lovers confuse lack of intelligence with "having a personality". Your cat isn't stubborn or doing his own thing, he's just not smart enough to know you're trying to call him to come over.
I usually find out before I pursue anything. Still sucks though, and has happened quite a few times. I'm in college and everytime I find a girl I like, she's already dating someone. Frustrating.
I haven't read everyone's responses, so someone may have said this. Not only are you married, but you're happily married. Why even think of hurting your wife like that? Cheaters have always been a group of people that really piss me off, men and women alike. If you can't control yourself like an adult, you shouldn't be married.
There is a nice, upscale suburn, I think it was called Mountain Brook, outside of the city. I can't remember the name exactly, but you had a nice little shopping center with a Saks and some restaurants, all on top of a big hill. You also get into the hills/country areas which can be quite nice. Someone might know what I'm talking about. I wasn't that big of a fan of downtown Birmingham, but the outskirts were nice.
Everything I've heard from people says we won't hit the bottom until closer to the end of the year. Thats a rough guess, and I'm no expert, just what realtors have told me.
Recently starting for some? Down here in Florida we started Spring term in January, both for Undergrad and Grad schools, anybody starting much later than that? Anyways: Metaphysics US Urban Society Insect class, easy elective The Victorian Novel Germany in WW I, Senior thesis
Here are a few from a trip to Germany, these are from the Dachau Concentration Camp:
[IMG][/IMG] My buddy, currently working on Schutzhund training.
I was in NYC over Christmas break and went out, dressed very casually. I was surpirsed at how helpful the staff at Saks and Bergdorff were; I was only 20 at the time. I also went into Zegna's store and a guy there was extremely helpful. I went into RL and had mixed encounters.
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