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Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust As for the boots, they were a chance purchase from Paul Stuart in NYC - marked down heavily, and bought partially because the gentlemen posters on this website and That Other Website seen to have such an affection for them (or at least their looks). They are something of an adventure to wear - the constriction at the ankle does hobble one's movement a bit, or, if tied too loosely, the laces become entirely...
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del ^^ Right now in storage, but will throw them away if I dont wear them for a year or 2 Please tell me that the opinions of a few people aren't really going to cause you to throw those away? (No offense guys) Realize that some people don't like them purely because of stylistic reasons.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 The black socks are weird I find it to be quite visually harmonious. The shoes and socks repeat the color scheme of the sweater and toggles. I think its a great example of someone making choices on a more abstract aesthetic level, rather than being confined by the rules.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lightbringer Nice! How did you make it? I just drafted a pattern that I thought would work based on my neck measurement, and guessing at the length of the wings, cut the pieces out of a bit Of fabric I had lying around, and sewed it together by hand. I have some nice black an white plaid wool with a red over check. I would like to make one out of that, but wanted to work out the pattern first.
Inspired by some of the talk in WAYWRN about doing your own alterations, I decided to try and make my own bow tie. This is the only bow tie I have ever had, so tying it was harder than making it. I think it came out pretty well for the first try. What do you think about the proportions? I think the wings need to be a bit longer.
People need to get a grip and take a joke.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRA8324 I must have missed that when I lived in fault for going to an engineering school I suppose. In regards to the OP, those shoes are hideous... If by engineering you mean Georgia Tech, I'd be surprised if you saw any women at all.
Pick up a cream dinner jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by onix What happens with the left cuff? (her left) It was likely retouched out. Now did they not realize it was a cuff, or just not think anyone would notice?
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