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So one tassel fell off as a result of the leather cracking. Is that a common fix? I imagine matching leather would be hard to find. Pre fall off I thought about a dark suede to replace all 4 (or the three that are left) as a last resort.
Quote: Originally Posted by halvorsen Okey, never done anything like that before. How much do you think that would cost to get a tailor to make one almost like this one? What are the shoes in your Profile Pic?
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester your jeans are hemmed like dress pants. I am not talking about the break -- there is no visible stitching at the hem. That looks odd to me. ah, I see. They are actually not hemmed, just folded up. I have been putting off getting them done, then just sort of forgot. Now that it has been brought to my attention, maybe I'll finally have them hemmed. Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 Same...
Quote: Originally Posted by colabear the cardigan is too pristine. maybe bring it to a tailor and have them add some brown suede elbow patches to toughen it up. I like the pattern of the tie, but it looks unnoticeable with the white shirt. maybe a blue oxford or a light blue chambray shirt to bring out the tie. the shoes are nice, but I would wear them sans socks. I have thought about the suede elbow patches. I do think it could be a nice...
Quote: Originally Posted by BrizaBirch moo's critiques are very constructive and hilarious chrisb you fit was all kinda of schizophrenic incongruity...formal shirt, silk tie, white white shawl neck, blue jeans (?!?!), and tassel loafers? old man clothes mixed with too-short jeans does not work nicely...check out NOBD's fots for jeans + shoes + bizcas fits that work. basically shirt and tie way way too dressy for the look, and the shoes are just...
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor Yeah, but there should also be some wit. That would be preferable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo If it's just clothing why try to dress nice. Throw on a white tee and some vans and get out there. Fuck pants, while you're at it. This is why I don't come over to this side. Dislike the the outfit all you want. If you can't muster anything helpful, quietly move on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo What is this shit? Aren't you like 24? Why are you dressing like an old fart? Your slim suit jumping photo is where you should be going with your style, not gravitating towards old farts. Lets not get crazy here. Its just clothing.
Casual, though I imagine the inclusion of jeans won't be a hit.
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