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Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou IMO it is the same. Generally folks use RTW to refer to shoes and OTR to refer to suits/shirts. Not really. OTR is used casually by people all the time, but RTW is what clothing made for sale is actually called.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Awesome pants and the combo looks great.. Whenever I buy pants in vivid colors (and I do a lot) I slim them down unless they are already sufficiently tight. I believe it makes them much easier to pull off. Here's one of my fits with green pants. Quite similar to yours, I think. green pants/blue blazer I agree that slim makes it easier to pull off. I'm not sure why. I think I will need to taper these...
Not actually worn today, but I'm trying to figure out how to wear these pants. The are brighter green than they appear in the photos. Obviously, they won't see the light of day until Spring.
With my luck, whichever one I don't cut off will break off the next day.
Will do. A pic of the damage.
I suppose I'll just wear them lop-sided for now, and continue to contemplate a fix. I guess my thought that a shoe repair place might have a stock of replacement tassels in a variety of colors is far fetched? Quote: Originally Posted by CashmereLover My deepest condolences to you and your family. Perhaps you could replace the orphaned tassel and the remaining ones with some golden silk tassels, like the ones you would use to keep curtains in...
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Yup. I've done it on a few shirts, and will be doing it to a few more when I get around to it. You pin it in place, make sure it fits, sew, double check, then cut off the excess fabric and fell the seam. It's pretty easy to do a basic job, getting it perfect will be a bit harder, so do a few shirts that you don't care much about before you start altering the ones you really like. Haven't done darting, I've just taken...
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Does it look like it could be stitched back together and then reattached? Unfortunately the tassel is wherever it fell off, a location I am not privy to.
So one tassel fell off as a result of the leather cracking. Is that a common fix? I imagine matching leather would be hard to find. Pre fall off I thought about a dark suede to replace all 4 (or the three that are left) as a last resort.
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