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Quote: Originally Posted by Patek Yes, I guess I missed that and was a little weirded out as my avitar depicts my family. Though they are dogs, they are my family and family pictures are a little too private to have people downloading IMO. So you overlooked the obvious function of the avatar as a digital representation of oneself and refer to your dogs as if they are people? Thats two strikes against your intelligence.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Went in a few thrift stores today after donating, just to see what their prices were. Looks like 99% of the low prices being quoted here are from the USA stores because the prices I saw were up to 5x higher here. I find the prices quoted here to be a bit high. When I walk into a thrift store, I expect shirts to be around $3, Pants $5, jackets $10. Tie are generally never more than $2.
No clothing on any interest, but possibly one of my stranger finds: a 1950s (I believe) surgical lamp.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred H. If you're looking for a REAL boat shoe (i.e. you really sail), then I suggest:HARKEN: Men's Classic Leather Shoes ($119.00) [[SPOILER]] Wore these last season and they are VERY comfortable and provide excellent wet traction. Bought these from Zappos (canvas) for wear in St. Thomas:Sperry Top-Sider - Bahama Lace ($60.00) [[SPOILER]] I would think it obvious that the vast majority of people looking for boat shoes have no...
Quote: Originally Posted by officeboy Wow, you guys do use tree's for ALL your shoes. What shoes? He simply has a single pair of brown suede pelts that he wraps around his feet in different patterns. Or so I am beginning to think.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uunottaja I feel for you. As an ex ice hockey goalie and lots of various other sports such as alpine sking and a regular gym 4-6 times a week, sports is also a lifestyle that constantly affects my clothes. I'm 5'8" and seem to have (measures for the first time) 28" circumference around my thighs. I'm also fairly lean at 158. At 5'8", 158 is not fairly lean by any stretch. You are either quite muscular, or quite...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I will post every day, or every day I can be bothered, or when the spirit moves me, what I wore to work. The idea is to show what CBD is, how it can be bent, and -- crucially -- what the old-timers, or at least me, mean by "classic style." Be warned: this is going to be really dull and repetitive. To those who post your own pics: you WILL be criticized, by me, to the extent that you unsuccessfully deviate from CBD or...
Quote: Originally Posted by enolasfinest I assume that MOST people that are spending Duckie Brown $, would want to be able to wear the shoes w/ a suit for business. You would be wrong. Its for the fashion crowd and there is money to be made there.
Quote: Originally Posted by L'Incandescent Honestly, though, I don't think double monks work that well with jeans. I think single monks work a lot better. (In general, I like double monks much more than single monks, just not for jeans.) I think exactly the opposite.
Quote: Originally Posted by miurasv It's probably true of shoemakers the world over but why? Obviously because most peoples feet aren't as wide as yours. I have very narrow feet. Its not easy to find my size either. To assume that the sizes they offer don't fit most people would be a mistake. There is a reason they don't cater to wider or narrower sizes.
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