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Quote: Originally Posted by AE7 Nothing personal, but I would rather be limited in aesthetics of the Sartorialist, rather than observe pictures like this in your photo folder: Good to know. I will promptly have it removed.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI If you spent any time at all on this forum, you'd see that it's not focused on ALL possible styles but a subset. A subset that doesn't include looks like the one above. We should, however be able to maturely discuss a look outside of Styleforum's narrow view. While its obvious that the above outfit has no likelihood what so ever of being seen on anyone in WAYWRN, it has merit on an aesthetic level, which...
Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen Whats that object on the front of the sled? It looks a bit like a meteorite. Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai I think it is a camera-shy Furby, or possibly an evolved Tribble. Or perhaps even a congealed chunk of lard.
You can't buy cheap frames online unless you are buying in sizable quantity. The shipping kills any deal you may find.
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai Erick Swenson Found him recently and have been very impressed by the work.
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett Linen does not go with jeans, and certainly not with a winter scarf. You know that. Why doesn't linen go with jeans?
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast If you fancy experimenting and don't mind taking the risk of making a bad situation worse, a home remedy could be to carefully blot it with small amounts of isopropanol (rubbing alcohol). I'd have thought that should dissolve ink, and then you can lift it off with a sponge. Beware the risk of it seeping through to the other side! Best would probably be to unstitch it so you can get something absorbent underneath the...
Linen jacket. Cotton pretty much everywhere else.
Quote: Originally Posted by danteinvicta What type of linen should I look for that won't wrinkle when you look at it the wrong way? Dante Something that isn't linen might fit that bill.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek Wow, some people take SF and life way too seriously. Not sure what is in the water down there in Savanna, but since I go there twice a year I will make sure to bring bottled. My dogs are my family. I killed the rest of may family with a blunt machete over a Christmas present dispute when I was 12 and now the dogs are all I have. Who is being serious?
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