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Quote: Originally Posted by koning Not for you, you can stay on your old tft screen. Your blind anyway. Why so bitchy?
Quote: Originally Posted by Guero Wooster could never grasp this understated style. He isn't trying to.
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent What's the shirt? Gant? H&M, but it does look like it would be Gant.
cream, navy, mid blue
Quote: Originally Posted by potemkin_city_limits Does it actually matter which number you use to measure the leg opening? The fact that 9" flat = 18" around means that either number works. To answer your weird and pointless question, when I take a pair of pants in to my tailor I tell her I want the hem to be 7.75" which she is free to either keep as 7.75" or delve into the extremely complex mathematical equivalent by simply multiplying by...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot +1 Most of this Pitti stuff is just trying way to hard. A few nice looks, but generally all too much of a "look-at-me" costume vibe. Thats exactly what they are. Everyone here has got to realize that these people are dressing with a very different goal than this forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz Yeah and I'm sure this guy is doing great business there aswell. Maybe, or he just needs a place to store his stuff. I don't see why it is so off putting.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz What's with the document bags many are carrying here? Pretty ghey-ish. It's an event, a place to relax yet alot of the visitors try to be interesting or make some semi-business statement. I want to visit Pitti Uomo in the future but if it appears that there are so many creeps walking around as seen in the recent shots I wouldn't be arsed. You do realize that fashion is an industry right? The shows...
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