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I get that, but this is where people have to accept differences in goals.If someone works in the fashion industry, getting dressed can be a conceptual exercise. It is what they do, and simply looking nice isn't enough. Painters, Sculptors, etc encounter the same issue. "But the artwork isn't pretty". Thats not always the point.Personal preference aside, conceptual experimentation in fashion has its place, and contrary to popular belief, the people dressing in such a way...
Obviously at this point you must realize that playing it safe is never, ever going to be his goal in dressing.I find myself defending the fashion oriented guys here a lot, but it just seems people here cannot fathom that there are other legitimate reasons for wearing the clothing one wears. The classically oriented, play it on the safe side mentality here does not translate to the fashion industry.I think there is a very sharp divide in thinking. Many of the ensembles held...
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Is it soft or rigid? I have found bands before that are very rigid and I'm not a fan. The price might be worth it if it fits what I'm looking for.
Some of the JPress selection look nice, but a fairly expensive for what they are. What are they made of?
Does anyone have any experience with these watch straps: They have a pretty good selection, but what is the quality like? I believe they are nylon. Are they stiff and uncomfortable? I have made that mistake before. There is also this suede one, which seems like it could be interesting
Why doesn't everyone stop being so childish.
pretty good luck at Marshals the other day.
I quite like this. I recently got a pair of yellow shorts and have actually found the color quite versatile.Your house always seems so empty compared to the way you dress. I take it you aren't making the decorating decisions?
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