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Can we stop with the rules and critique on the basis of actually analyzing the way something looks? This rule screaming is getting ridiculous.
I don't see why not. I have leather on mine.
Thanks.I made the strap myself.
A pair of 9 narrow jungle boots. Bought new and have been worn twice. I am just not a narrow, and I'm not sure they work for my style anyway. There is a drop of something black on the canvas as seen in the picture. Not very noticeable when worn and kind of gives them character.
Why would you shower with your watch?
Timex Weekender on an oiled nubuck strap
Do you know when you might get more 18mm bands in stock?
I think its interesting at least.
You are looking at it only from the angle of dressing as a hobby or dressing to appear professional in a business environment. Some of these people are employed to take fashion risks and are expected to wear look at me clothes. It is a different goal, and frankly a different culture all together. Have you every been around or lived in a big art district. The people you think are screaming look at me don't even turn heads.Wooster isn't walking into a law firm when he goes...
Boots on the bottom. No full length shots for now.
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