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Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer That won't work because crossfitters are very anti-p90x or any workout thats not crossfit. While I don't agree with the stereotype as a whole, the hate for anything other than "sanctioned" WODs is strong among many of the Crossfit faithful...but no hate from this guy. I think a mix of everything is pretty important, and I'll go do some normal lifting followed by a WOD that involves circuits of...
Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer BLAH BLAH BLAH IN ALL CAPS ~Tony Horton Agh! My eyes! My torrent of P90X finished downloading last night...I'm really only interested in the Plyo/Ab Ripper/Yoga workouts because I'm getting back into Crossfit after 1.5 year hiatus and like lifting heavy weights to gain mass, but we'll see how the rest goes.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 +1. The site has not been updated though. This is what I'm waiting for...nearest store is 3+ hours away.
My current tailor (seamstress is a more fitting term in her case) is a woman. She does an okay job, but I live in a small town with only 2-3 tailors available.
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