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Quote: Originally Posted by Sherlockian It would definitely be nice to see the next-gen M3 hark back to the light weight and driver focus of the first M3. Cars in general are far too bloated and heavy these days, and the horsepower war is getting a bit we really want a 700hp, 3 ton M5 in 2020? Unfortunately, it seems like the natural progression of the auto industry to make each subsequent generation of a particularly well-received...
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Do you guys also bemoan the demise of button boots by any chance? Horrible comparison.
Quote: Originally Posted by bawlin I love the E30. Too bad most examples are beat to shit and their owners are asking E46 money for them... Yeah, it's pretty sad. I'd love to pick one up but the prices people expect for their used up E30s are ridiculous. They see someone sell a near-pristine, low-mileage E30 for $20-35k and think their 190k mile, torn interior, oxidized and scratched paint, oil-leaker is worth the same amount.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trompe le Monde and put your own strap on it Love it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roikins Actually, the I6 is the classic. Moving the M3 to the V8 was the departure. Actually, the I4 is the classic. Moving the M3 to the I6 was the departure and moving the M3 to a V8 was blasphemy.
It looks like rejected Threadless t-art IMO. Whatever, as long as you're happy with it and it has some kind of meaning to you...
A second season of the most entertaining show on TV? I'll fist pump to that!
Quote: Originally Posted by gg_monogram 99cents stores.... not really so special, did it surprised u? lol.. Haha no, not a surprise; I like the loops at the ends for hanging jeans by the belt loops.
Get any book by Ross Enamit, an old duffel bag/military sea bag full of rocks/sand/dirt, Perfect Pushup, and an Iron Gym Xtreme pullup bar. Then get to work.
That Brylcream ad has me rolling! B, before and after, needs to find himself a competent barber stat.
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