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I'm also going to order it along with a couple other things so long as the 20% code works.
White/NC blue/Navy Chucks Silvertab slim fit jeans Clark's DB J.Crew gingham shirt Banana Republic pinstripe pants from F/W '03
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 Has anybody purchased any of the new 501s? Do they run true to size? Saw them in the store. They looked and fit okay (and yes, TTS), but really, just go get some $30 STFs and wear them hard.
Quote: Originally Posted by danilo That's usually how it is, the J.crew reps say you can have anything in the catalog/website shipped to the store free of charge, and then you can try it on and NOT buy it if you don't like it Yeah, I ran into this over the weekend. If I didn't live 4 hours from the nearest J.Crew and only stopped in because I was going through Portland I would have taken them up on the offer. There were only 3 things I was...
Quote: Originally Posted by zillka there's an allegedly gay VP down the hall with a picture of his 'partner.' no one in the firm can vouch for said partner's existence at any of the office functions and many have begun to question if he's gay at all, using the gay card to fluff (no pun) the firm's 'diversity' quota in our brochures (securing his position) and to appease the handful of wealthy homosexual clients. he only flames up and talks with a...
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Thanks. Have any insight into the soles? Not yet. I'm wearing my pair of DBs for the first time today.
1) You messed up by only indirectly admitting it. You should embrace it. "Yeah, I did. Why, is that the spot on the list you wanted?" 2) You need to drop that so-called friend.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Okay, I'm looking into getting a pair of these at some point, and admittedly am too lazy to search through the thread for the specific questions. First, sizing. I know I would need to go down from my normal size, but my 'normal' size as given by a brannock is right in between a 7.5 and an 8, and I usually wear the 7.5. The best fits I have are a 7 in a weejun, a 7.5 US (6.5 UK) Puma, and a 6 Chuck. Based on that,...
Quote: Originally Posted by limester816 He's really liking the new BMW's... the 335i, M3, M5, and 535i in particular. He also wasn't adverse to the X3. If he likes these, he shouldn't really need recs, no?
I'm not sure if this is a good marketing idea or not. On one hand, the popularity of Jersey Shore has introduced his horrible clothing to tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of potential new customers. And with Season 2 coming, his old stuff will probably sell well through the end of next Fall. On the other, there is already a backlash against his stuff among "normal" people, and the exposure he's getting right now will probably rise, but then burn out...
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