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Quote: Originally Posted by CiscoUsername That is extremely hurtful. Here is my best picture, it was taken by a professional: Esquire: Best Dressed Real Man 2010 nominee.
I don't know about that store, but those inside out blue jeans are hideous.
Fat people should only dress in track suits and tennis shoes so they can run their fat asses around the block a few times. Only way for a fat person to look good is to lose weight.
I like the top one...but $72 is crazy talk.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto Does management really give a fuck about exit interviews? In short. No. I've got a week and a half left at my current job. My boss emailed me our exit interview form today, with instructions to fill out my name and other info, and said that if I wanted to he'd talk it over with me.
Because he's droppin', droppin', droppin' science, Droppin' history with a whole leap of style and intelligency, And I know, and I know because of Naf Nasitra...
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus We're talking about this sweater, right? It doesn't say that for me. Edit: NVM, its size Medium. All other sizes are available. Yeah, I jumped the gun on saying none until March. Quote: Originally Posted by dunelly how did u order the red shirt I called. It's still pre-sale but the rep noted the order that I ordered other items as well and to apply the 20% off when it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus The sweater. That's exactly what it says when I check my size (M) for the grey sweater. The black is in stock, but grey M is waitlisted until 3/27, online and when calling CS. Either way, I'm stoked about getting 20% off the pre-sale shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus That isn't what the website says. About what? The sweater or the pre-order?
Hmmm...I wonder if the 20% will work on pre-orders (red chambray). *success!* Also, grey surplus sweater doesn't ship until 3/27.
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