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Thanks for all the info, that's awesome. I'm checking their sale section but they don't have anything I like in M. Oh well.
Quote: Originally Posted by kmdsimpson + 1 I have the M+O shirt (this season), the BR one (the one they just had with the button-down pockets), and the RRL one coming. I thought I'd return the M+O and the BR, but they are both so nice in their way that I'm keeping them. And totally agree on the M+O - very nice fit and the buttons are really nice. Do you own any other M+O shirts? How is the fit compared to j.crew? They've got a couple...
Anyone know where to buy a cheap, thick (not necessarily wide though) web belt? Web belts from surplus stores are kind of thin, I want something a little more substantial.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert I think it's weird that I get more of the same shirt in different colors. For example, I'm going back for the utility in black after liking my olive so much. But are you talking about the exact same, like same color and everything? I wouldn't call that weird--just a little obsessive. I've done it with shoes...and there are a few items I wished I'd bought two of because I've had to get rid them due to getting...
Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock The selvage cotton blazer is out... I think me wants. But almost $300, are you kidding me? Order before Monday and it's around $220 using the SHHH code.
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis Me too. The reg secret wash shirts are a little tight in the chest for me, but the chambray sized down works perfect (aside from the baggy sleeves). +1 I tried on one of the gingham lightweight shirts the other day and its actually cut pretty well (sized down) nice and tapered in the body as well as slim through the sleeves, and seems to work really well tucked in My worry about the red chambray is that...
My original reply was somewhat mean-spirited, and for that, I apologies to any fatties I may have offended. I'll be more positive from here on out.
Thanks. Was OOS when I tried to buy anyway. Oh well.
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD it would be nice to have this type of thing as a housewife... I should find a new wife. FTFY
I wear a 32x34 in 501 STF. Will the LVC '47 501 in 31x34 on sale at fit the same?
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