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Quote: Originally Posted by asnradeon8 the white chambray been on the site for a few days now..looks just like a plain white shirt. Hmm...didn't see it on the site over the weekend...not that it really matters since I won't be buying it.
White chambray is now up on the site...wonder if the red will soon follow.
Got an email that my purchases from the sale shipped...even my surplus sweater that was supposedly wait-listed...sweet!
Quote: Originally Posted by sunman42000 how do you pre-order the red chambray? Quote: Originally Posted by hnlax Call j crew Also, the item # and name are within the first 20 pages of this thread.
It doesn't say it in the details section, but this doesn't work on shoes. Well, it at least doesn't work on Purcells.
Quote: Originally Posted by twylo How do Jack Purcell's fit? I'm usually a 10.5/11 in most shoes, but I have a regular pair of Chuck's that are a 10 and are still too big. Just curious if I should go with a 9/9.5 in Jack's considering the prior. Thanks. (I'll be wearing them in the summer with no socks). My feet must be exactly the same size as yours. Get the 9.5. I wear 10.5 Nike and have a pair of Chucks that are slightly too big in 10,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus You're wrong. Its 20% off on purchases over 175! M+O is on everything regardless of purchase total. Ah, I see what you were getting at. $175 is ridiculously easy at j.crew though, so not really an issue, unless you're only after 1 or 2 shirts or something. *20% off at M+O isn't good on the Purcells...
Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock I have one of their poplin shirts. Body wise I think it fits like JCrew but slimmer arms which is one thing that bothers me about JCrew. I have a M+O cotton blazer which I picked up for $100 bucks off the sale rack. Heavy cotton twill which is one of my heaviest blazers oddly enough even though it's half-lined. Nice details like working sleeve buttons, leather-lined lapel, and higher armholes than Ludlow but wider...
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus No, you better go read the fine print what JC is offering. Uh, I did. 20% off everything except collabs, which aren't even on the site anymore because of the sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus BTW, M+O is having a 20% off your total purchase promotion. Why can't the Crew hook us up like that? Uh...what? J.Crew IS having a 20% off total purchase promotion... I just used it to buy a pair of urban slim fit chinos in dill, a tailored fit polo, a jaspe tee, and the black utility shirt (you bastards keep talking about how great it is).
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