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Quote: Originally Posted by casemods Should I even try to attempt 501 shrink to fits? I've never done raw denim before. They are on sale for $32.99 I have a pair and personally, I don't like the color. I just wear them when I work on my car or do yard work.
Those veg tanned wallets look like they are made of penis. No homo.
Cross post from Filson bags thread: Filson 257 in Otter Green from craigslist. Love it, but it smells like the dirtiest Army surplus store you could possibly imagine.
I actually have a pair of those slim-fit Silvertabs in the 3D graphite color that I got at TJMaxx for around $15. They are cut nearly the same as 514s, maybe slightly slimmer in the top block, and the 3D graphite is fairly rigid. I love mine. The only thing I don't like is that the stitching on the back pockets for the "wings" or whatever they're called is orange while the rest of the stitching is silver/grey. 10 minutes with a seam ripper fixed that though.
Thanks for the advice, both of you. I'm actually going to do both. I washed the bag inside and out with only cold water and a brush, per Filson's website's instructions, and I plan on hosing it down with Febreeze and leaving it out in the sun tomorrow while I'm at work, and over the weekend if it stays sunny. I need to get this remedied ASAP as I'm flying to Europe soon and I doubt my fellow passengers will appreciate the stench of musty canvas wafting from the...
I picked this up today for $60 off of craigslist. 257 in otter green. Looks more brown when outdoors or in direct sunlight. It has Talon zippers, so it's pre-2004. The only problem is that the person I bought it from has had it in storage for a couple years, so it stinks like a skeevy Army surplus store. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get rid of that musty canvas smell?
Today I stepped foot in Wal-Mart *shudder* to pick up some Hanes tees and went to go check out the so-called Robert watch. Those of you wearing it must have wrists like Kate Moss. The face was so small I had to triple check to make sure it was a men's watch.
I saw them in Chicago during the Battle of L.A. tour. You guys who say they're high energy must have been high when you saw was one of the most boring shows I've ever been to. If I wanted to hear an artist play live and have it sound exactly like the album I'd go see Ashley Simpson. With that said, Tom Morello is one hell of a musician.
Quote: Originally Posted by cicero79 +1 to some quality items. You can reasonably wear these pieces into oblivion: Baby Rib T-Shirts 50/50 T-Shirts Flex-Fleece Hoodies The rest are very waifish and slim to the point where it stops being flattering and you look like you just stepped out of Forever 21 I would add the Summer Shirt tee to that list. I size down one and they fit great after a cold wash.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus 20% off sale at the website. I saw the Grey Surplus cotton cardigan for 119! Add the 20% off code (EXTRA20) and its a solid buy. Wow...that sucks for me. I just ordered this last week. Gonna have to call CS for the second time today...then again, it's only $15. *No dice, oh well*
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