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Can anyone tell me about sizing on Patagonia Torrentshell Jackets? I'm 5'10, 180...wear a medium in North Face. Normally I'd just get a Medium but I saw on the Apolis site that they changed the sizing for their collab and an Apolis M is a Patagonia S. So confused.
The crotch on my Nudies blew out and I need some new jeans...thinking about buying APCs. My measured waist is 35", my Levis 514 are 32" (measured 17") and and my Nudie Slim Jim Dry Organic are 33" (measured 17")...I could probably wear 31" in the 514s, and could probably size down to 32" in the Nudies. For the closest fit to Nudie Slim Jim or Levi's 514 (or something in between), what size and cut should I buy? NS or Rescue? 30 or 31? I'm loving the look of...
Quote: Originally Posted by seany 5'8 at 155. I feel fat. -_- WTF? If anything I'd say you're right where you should be so long as your body fat % is low.
Quote: Originally Posted by hastur though, for some reason jcrew insists on having like ten different cuts and four to five colors for each. You are complaining that jcrew offers a wide variety of items. Really?
My red chambray shipped...and they applied the 20% off from the sale a week or two ago, which the CS rep said would happen but I had my doubts because it was a pre-sale item...sweet!
I'm confused as to why someone in a metal band would want to dress like a douchey "country" music singer like the guy from Rascal Flatts.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain make sure it is warm enough and sunny enough to dry completely within a day. If the dampness lingers for several days you are going to worsen the smell (it comes from mold). It mostly dried, and the smell was almost gone, but the Febreeze smell was too strong so I washed it again last night and let it dry with a fan blowing on it. I'm going to put it out in the sun today and hopefully that will do the...
I got my surplus sweater in gray fits weird. Kind of blocky from the ribs down, but everywhere else it fits great.
Quote: Originally Posted by casemods What's your height/weight? You basically confirmed that my idea would work... 5'10" ~180lbs
I normally wear a 32x32 in pre-washed Levis (514, etc.) I bought 32x34 in the 501 STF, hot soaked them, wore them off and on for about 2 months, then hot-soaked them again. It's not the ideal way to get fades or anything like that, but the second hotsoak shrunk them down a little better. After the second hot soak they were a little snug in the waist, but they've stretched back out a tiny bit and now they're comfy. I don't have any measurements to give you exact...
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