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Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Do you think it will be fixed after hemming them? If I were to keep them, I'd take them to my tailor. No. The problem is not at the bottom.
So long as they are comfortable, then I suppose the issue could be one of preference. However, to my eye, the amount of creasing running from the seams and waistband, the gaping of the front pockets, and the lack of drape to the pants presents an unattractive look. At a minimum, the fit suggests a deliberate selection of unusually tight pants. I would recommend against.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso László Vass loves it, the box calf.............. I have noticed that too, and Vass shoes do seem to come with and take a high shine. I have seen Vass shoes in scotch grain. Do they use corrected grain too?
People have got to learn to order from the Chinese menu of life. Even a PSA thread like this could have gotten the seller shut down, if Begg learned of it, but many here seem to appreciate the thread nonetheless. People were happy to have FIHTies inquire into authenticity until the scarves proved authentic. It is just ridiculous, and rather unfair, to level accusations when the outcome is that the merchandise is proved authentic but the seller takes steps to stop the...
Quote: Originally Posted by mrchapel Why would you charge $100 for a used tie (worn once still counts as used) when it can be purchased in new, unworn condition for $65? Doesn't add up to me. I believe the offer is $100 for the two ties together, which is below the combined retail price of the two ties, if new.
Quote: Originally Posted by HHS I live in DC but tend to head out to Sun's at Tyson's Galleria for the stuff I don't trust to the local drycleaner. I have heard great things about Field's, though, the idea of driving and parking over there in Georgetown just makes my head hurt. Sun's gives me an excuse to drop stuff off at Tyson's and keep heading out to the outlets in Leesburg. Parking for Field's is easy. He's located at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by GAMESHARQ I got a new white polyester suit, but the morons who packed it put a black clip to hold the pants on the hanger, and when I removed the clip, it left a black stain behind. The tag on the suit says "Professionally Dry Clean Only". Do I really need to have it professionally dry cleaned just to remove a small, light stain like this? Or would it be safe to just use some warm water? I don't think it needs...
Quote: Originally Posted by Oligarch Are you trying to make a statement of confidence, individuality, etc? If so, why are you asking others what they think? If you want to know if its appropriate, I think not. I also think the notion in one of the posts above that purposely subjecting yourself to ridicule is character-building is absurd. There are plenty of tough experiences in life without you having to purposely create them. +1. ...
The fabric looks great, but why did you go for one jetted and one flapped pocket? More seriously, the pictures make both the button stance and the gorge look quite high. Is that just an artifact of the picture?
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger Does anyone know a good cobbler in the DC/NoVA area by a metro? All the cobblers mentioned in threads here don't seem to exist, and I really don't want to have to go to Sky. I have had good experience with Corrective Shoe Repair in Dupont Circle. But if they are really good shoes, I think it is hard to beat Sky (which is readily accessible by bus).
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