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I disagree as I never use my suit pants but slim $$ jeans. I use and like for jeans Canalis, Santonis, NDC etc. whith toe cap. What looks very bad are those square toes or english fat shoes. I did a test. Dress shoes whith this shape but handmade are cool http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3562/...de0ddca9_b.jpg
Hackett, see my post with a shirt of them. Zegna mainline does great shirts, but their suits are baggy and overpriced .
That hartwist seems very classic and original by the way. All the herringboned greys are nice too, but 340 gram is for northern winters!
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel is more prestigious than you! And , who told you I wanna be the best? What a dumb answer!
When I came to this forum, I thought most of the members belonged as me to the high burgueoise, descendant of the best europeans and semi aristocratic caucasians knew by their sofisfication and education. I failed in my thoughts. Then the forum is plenty of racist jokes about this guy, fault of respect aboout me and my family in my villa assault attemp by some muslims etc. This looks just as the mtv , non educated people with expensive clothes. Lumpen proletarians ...
Some of their floral plain shirts are great, none their striped clown likes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Corniche What is a Centurion card? Sounds tricky Have you looked in the Jack and Jones ?
What is a Centurion card? Sounds tricky
Is that a Maserati dealer or a wealthy owner? Having an MC 12 ... I also love the BMW 2002 one of my fav cars all time. As a indoor designer I love your pictures! I got to get rid of my Maserati Spyder due to the crisis ...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 The 350Z has more douchey owners than the S2K, so I'll go with the Honda. Both have Fast and Furious tendancies. Same in my country. I hardly can see an stock 350Z but 20 " chromed wheels and all that garbagge tunning. S2000 is becoming tuned too, I´ll have to sell mine then. Hate tuners and whitetrashers. I found one picture of my lowered S2000 one weekend after testing 10 exhaust. This one custom made...
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