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Pure art!
Wow best ones I have ever seen! Where could I find them in black if possible in 43? Edited, the seller answered me quite fast and nope those does not exist in black. Recommended seller. He has some other Santonis as well
Quote: Originally Posted by u4412987 What is the best cotton available for Men shirt? I have been buying lots of fabrics from many different suppliers. Some cost 30usd per yard, some only 4usd per yard, and some 50usd. They all just said they were 100% cotton. So far, I have been buying a lot of shirts from designer labels. Some have good quality fabrics, while some are amazingly overpriced. I am guessing that sea island cotton is one of the...
Are roids as winstrol or deca legal or free ise in the US? Or illegal as cocaine etc? Just curious.
A free bump for this balloon like jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by wetnose Mafoofan is: 1) Approximately 25 years old & married 2) Works and lives in NYC as a lawyer 3) Amazingly skilled at Photoshop (check his foofing thread) 4) Amazingly good humored, esp considering the volume of friendly abuse hurled at him... I think he must be a masochist or something 5) A guy with a decent collection of bespoke wear - probably totalling at least $20K in value, tailored by top tailors in Italy 6)...
Quote: Originally Posted by Corniche The right word was them or they? Thanks ???
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS How does getting out-smarted by a black man make you feel? When I phoned him and listening to his raper voice ( he was a raper already ) I thought to myself, I´m goona be smart alecked by this guy... I wasn´t wrong.
is he asking 499 for a damn tie?
I disagree as I never use my suit pants but slim $$ jeans. I use and like for jeans Canalis, Santonis, NDC etc. whith toe cap. What looks very bad are those square toes or english fat shoes. I did a test. Dress shoes whith this shape but handmade are cool
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