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Quote: Originally Posted by walneal PSs SOLD taking offers on all items If the pocket squares are available I´ll like them. Thanks!
Pure art!
Wow best ones I have ever seen! Where could I find them in black if possible in 43? http://img338.imageshack.us/i/santoni.jpg/ Edited, the seller answered me quite fast and nope those does not exist in black. Recommended seller. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ht_1104wt_1053 He has some other Santonis as well
Quote: Originally Posted by u4412987 What is the best cotton available for Men shirt? I have been buying lots of fabrics from many different suppliers. Some cost 30usd per yard, some only 4usd per yard, and some 50usd. They all just said they were 100% cotton. So far, I have been buying a lot of shirts from designer labels. Some have good quality fabrics, while some are amazingly overpriced. I am guessing that sea island cotton is one of the...
Are roids as winstrol or deca legal or free ise in the US? Or illegal as cocaine etc? Just curious.
A free bump for this balloon like jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by wetnose Mafoofan is: 1) Approximately 25 years old & married 2) Works and lives in NYC as a lawyer 3) Amazingly skilled at Photoshop (check his foofing thread) 4) Amazingly good humored, esp considering the volume of friendly abuse hurled at him... I think he must be a masochist or something 5) A guy with a decent collection of bespoke wear - probably totalling at least $20K in value, tailored by top tailors in Italy 6)...
Quote: Originally Posted by Corniche The right word was them or they? Thanks ???
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS How does getting out-smarted by a black man make you feel? When I phoned him and listening to his raper voice ( he was a raper already ) I thought to myself, I´m goona be smart alecked by this guy... I wasn´t wrong.
is he asking 499 for a damn tie?
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