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I bought two seasons ago a dark denim blue Replay made in Italy expensive jeans, 180 euros. I washed just five times and it completely faded into almost white. Worst jeans brand ever! I have washed almost 50 times some G-Star ones and they have almost their initital colour and were cheaper. REPLAY jeans are crappola!
Quote: Originally Posted by u4412987 +1 to this I have lots of Paul Smith shirt. But so far as I work in Garment business, I am quite disappointed by the quality of the fabrics and tailoring. And yes, how can we know that the shirts are really made in Italy. The mainline collection has a super slim fit cutting pattern while other line are straight or relax fit. Mainline has lots of details, mainly embroidery while others are just printed...
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven would you get a garage specifically made so the marroquians and blacks cannot steal wealth? If the laws would let me defend my home as in the US of course, meanwhile I live in leftist country where the people who works as me are the public enemy. I never said anything about blacks by the way, but I´ll say that every day 100s of them arrive to the beach where I live. Enough is enough. 20 % of the...
I forgot to mention the most douche brand for me Gucci!
I got one, I prefer Kenzo ones that are the same kind but better qualitie, price and collars. The PS collars are so soft that seems sport ones. I´ll never buy one again.
Those for bondage are the best ones. Meanwhile those from Saldos Arias and SEPU should do the trick.
The pant should be totally reduced in width and should be shorter too. That is a very easy mod. The jacket seems a bit big on shoulders but the picture was too foggy and I couldn´t watch it for more than 4 seconds.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Herbert i was once told that there is a tradition of wearing the last button undone to show that the suit is bespoke - i dont beleive it - it seems too naff for someone who would commision a bespoke suit to be so flagrant if its not obvious from the fit I once readed that. So pedant and obnoxiuos that I didn´t gave any credit. I have never seen that , but I believe must be some people with complexes doing...
Quote: Originally Posted by u4412987 Are they thick or thin cotton? with pattern or just plain. I guess both, I I have seen those two fabrics mainly with stripes but also plain. I guess it doesn´t matter. The cotton was thin and easy to iron. And a very very elegant posse.
Man those cuffs doesn´t look handsewn ala Kiton Or Borrelli way but 10 $ for each is not bad.
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