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Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff replay is not a good brand to begin with. Yes, but is very hyped eurotrash stuff.
I can´t see the pictures!
Beautiful those star cufflinks!
Quote: Originally Posted by nice1take5 The first ones posted aren't Goodyear. They're FAM though. Oh really, I thought that was Goodyear or blake rapid, in order to avoid the border soles overcoming the shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by sayocean it took you TWO SEASONS to realize that replay is "crappola" ? No, the day after I bought it I already know it was real crappola! Do you agree then?
Quote: Originally Posted by bmulford dang. you must live near the best outlet stores ever. +1 Ilove the Canali and Oxxford with red stripe! I take the picture with your persmission for looking for a fabric on those tones when I got $ for a mtm.
Quote: Originally Posted by doctorj! This will be in my garage on Saturday: Gran Turismo S. Black/black with red stitching and red calipers. Congratulations man! The car I had if we hasn´t a commie government in Spain . I sold the Spyder .
Quote: Originally Posted by Mistral Frankie Morello is an Italian brand... I got a pair of jeans of them, bought it about 3 years ago. The quality is good, though I'm not into the brand anymore. Ridicilous prices on items, but exclusive designs. Also got some shirts, some items retailing for around 300 euros. The jeans I got from the brand where a whopping 400 euros. Weared them alot though. Nowadays the jeans don't reflect my style, but some of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ge Fuzz wash less? I wash my jeans like 2-3xs a year and do it by hand, then line dry. Really its pretty easy by hand just fill a tub with hot water, put a little woolite dark or DR Bonners, wash a bit then rinse, ring out and line dry. Done. Wear 4 months, repeat. Auto washers agitate the beejubus out of clothes. If you must use a washer do it on cold/cold setting and gentle/knit. I always washed my jeans by...
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Not the same, but what about these in black/grey? Very nice too, but the last is not the same right? Also I prefer the first as the sole borders doesn´t outcome the actual shoe, or is the picture?
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