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Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar God bless his soul...He used to represent the America we love in Europe.. If you live in Calabria or any mafia region of course, in the real Europe he is hated as Zapatero and those commies. Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol Or as I like to call it the America we hate in America. Well said!
The title remembered me my favourite Simpsos charachter, Ralph Wiggun. The dumb son of the police officer
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonsun Can we have a photo of the tags? Courious who's making them. It looks like a Corneliani CC that I have.
Beautiful one !
PM sent about some Attolinis.
Thanks for the pictures!
I love Attolinis, but not for you. Those Rubinaccis feel very nice on you!
Hi I have sent you several request via your web page, and still not answer! Thanks!
I´m late, damn!
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