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Quote: Originally Posted by theyare I was the purchaser of these - unfortunately my eyes are bigger than my feet as these are just a bit big on me. So, I'm putting them back up at my cost $200 plus shipping and paypal. Thanks! In response to the discussion on this thread, these shoes in person don't appear to have much more than shopwear - I'm really bummed the sizing won't work. PM SENT
Quote: Originally Posted by knittieguy Actually you can lose with both if the cuts don't fit you well. If you are going to go RTW, you really should try on a lot of different makers because the cuts can make a huge difference. For example, I have learned that Corneliani and G Vasta suits tend to look good on me, Canali looks ok, and Barbera and Zegna don't look good on me at all. This has nothing to do with the quality of the manufacture. Both...
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Arab strap $5.50 anal strap?
Quote: Originally Posted by mccvi Please don't bump your own posts. This is a wanted post where I do not sell anything not a sale one where I get money. It´s not against the rules .
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick A Thought you may like to see these: Simply Beautiful! Oh God, pure art. How much for thhose in the right? That´s the last I use.
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi if you don't want to spring the cash for Lobbs....Paul Smith executes that color quite well also I a terrible quality, you forgot to say. I returned mines the following minutes after getting them in the mail.
Quote: Originally Posted by nice1take5 I'm used to Santoni for the most part (80% of my shoes are from them), but I'm open to any other brands as long as they're of good quality. Here is the type of finish I envision: You got the best shoes, why to try something inferior? A . Testoni does some nice models too! Francisco
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Ey thanks for the link, I was desperately in need of some santonis in 43!
I only wear slim suits , Corneliani, Canali , Pal Zileri etc. drop 7 or 8 man!
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