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Quote: Originally Posted by cminor physiques and statue has nothing to do with dressing well. russian gansta usually look better than american politicians, no? If you mean Obama of course he looks better. But even the true russian gansta of my area would look better. We have commie number 2 of this thread here! wow, 2 for the price of 1.
Personally I wouldn´t wear any of this ( unprofessional) but you are very creative and original with your stuff. I like the key combo, not for me but you should paint or do any creative job.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vox Populi Take your pick! Represents the current lying, cheating 'snouts in the trough' crop in Britain. Shame, Sir! Nothing changes, see Hogarth: You commie?
Quote: Originally Posted by cminor Dmitry Medvedev is one of the best looking politician, with his wide spread collar, roped shoulders and asymmetrical tie knots. Even he is dressed by Attolini, he looks very bad for me. Perhaps beacuse he is very short, or that he walks like a true pimp. A man with no class even by Attolini himself, my favourite, sorry. You gotta see him on a leather jacket , a true russian gangsta.
Quote: Originally Posted by boarhill Excuse me sir, but are we to be surprised by a conservative politician who is all style and no substance? JM Le Pen is your man, Blas Piñar from Spain and those two killed both were gay, so you will like them ,Pim Fortuin and this other with horrible Gucci homo suits ( no pun to real homos), Haider ...
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman You've just given six people new signatures. I'd call dibs on the second to last line if I wanted a signature. Sorry I don´t understand Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar There is a code... No bespoke or it has been to be secret because the Plebeans do not appreciate when their politicians are spending the equivalent of 4 monthly wages on a suit or a pair of shoes. The suit has too...
Friends. I wonder if do exist a dress code for politicians or they image assistans only let them wear some stuff. Example, I have never seen a politician with a striped suit ( only subtle stripe) Perhaps this is mental associated with " mafious"? Never seen paisley ties either or bespoke $$ shoes. They wear extrabig suits most of the time, never use nice fitted ones. And of course dark shirts but thanks God for that
Love the Kiton. Nice ties man.
I hate loafers but I´ll wear those! Mr. Garret was ruined by Maddof and now is a homeless with kiton shirts.
please upgrade the pictures! I can´t see anyone? Interested on the Zegna!
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