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Quote: Originally Posted by Godot I think your right about this being a pocket watch with married parts. The watch in original used condition might be worth a couple of hundred. Lugs & other replacements, another hundred or so. Now as a kind of fake Chronoswiss, it's at $710 with 22 bids and 5 days to go. Sure it's worth the guys time. This is going to come out at about $50-$100 an hour profit or an ROI of $4.00 per dollar. Bad Karma, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by baseball_guy I went to Neiman Marcus tonight, they have a very small selection of mens shoes, maybe three small tables of shoes. Once again, Ferragamo caught my eye. I looked at Prada and was not impressed. For the money I don't know if Prada is worth it. Most of the Prada shoes are made in Spain my country and they are totally overpriced for a " vulcan" ( I think means blake rapid construction in english )...
I have learnt a lot in the shoe porn thread, have a look at it. I love Santonis, Testonis and Canalis. Yes I´m european and I like pointed and narrow ones. Dislike unpointed Crockets.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 I hope you're joking. Nope he is a totally dumb guy who sells fake items and the he says they are legit fooling the people.
Quote: Originally Posted by mccvi You're bumping again. Reported! This is not a sale ad but a WANTED to buy, so I can bump it as I want. What a pr*ck!
Quote: Originally Posted by malefic I'm curious how these came to be. Did someone do a bespoke shoe order which was screwed up in some manner so the shoes just got thrown on the shelf with a regular NM price tag? Or does Kiton just charge that much for shoes? I think Mr. Garret who is curious the name of the worlds best Turbo makers, as mounted on some old Lancia Delta world championship 6 times in a row and some Mitsubishi Evos, he repent of...
You are going to get fake a brand that I even didn´t know before? You must be a cheewie or a redneck, ohh those americans...
Nice! But I find the fabric too sinister for children.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG How unfortunate for you that your taste excludes the awesomeness that is seersucker. Those suits look cheap, the shirt cuffs are hidden, totally baggy, non matching shoes etc. Of course I am a true european, and I love style. Nothing to be with politics here. and that seersucker name even sounds gay to me.
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