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Do they really exist? I was told 48 euro was the minor. I am 48 and I look stronger/ wider shoulders than lot of people on the street. Strange.
The jacket fits you nice. I have seen terrible things here and that is not your case, those jeans are not good. Get ones with your perfect large. On the shoulder pics it´s a bit big on shoulder but half a size?? For the pro touch get it waisted or waist supressed ( sorry for my english) and short the cuffs as the shirt sleeves are not showed on yours.
Nice thread I am european 48 1,92 cm tall and just 72 kilos. A walking spaguetti Edit, Boss is german sizing and they do fatter things than italian. Boss should fit americans, not me , too baggy!
fashion must be the answer...
wanted better alive
The customer failed on paying so it´s again available!
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley I have no clue what you are saying. IQ minor than 80? With your avatar seems possible... This guy below must double you, sorry to say. Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan You can have whatever personal view you like, but reality is a different story. I don't know of a single world-class tailor that is willing or capable of doing what you suggest. Moreover, a good tailor will not...
Must be something wrong on your measures. I measured some of my Corneliani and Canali real european 48 in drop 7 and measures are; in centimeters; 48 shoulder yours is 46 and that measure means the actual and real shoulder so yours should be 46 as a 39 neck shirt has 39 cms. breast, mines are 48 again armhole to armhole measured with the jacket plain on a table so it may vary. Yours is 61 so this is just impossible specially on a slim jacket. Sleeves ...
Quote: Originally Posted by tonylumpkin The obvious answer is because they believe there are people foolish enough to pay those prices. The better question is why anyone WOULd pay those prices, which, you'll note, no one has for any of the items posted above. Of course they are. No one of them comes from real aristocrat or burguois circle but new rich in their worst possible meaning . My thoughts on russian pimps.
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