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Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles I think whus is the biggest BT here. At 23 with 2 kids, dude can still buy $5k watches on a regular fucking basis and sell it at a loss. He seems a family man. And me a women dependant.
Do they really exist? I was told 48 euro was the minor. I am 48 and I look stronger/ wider shoulders than lot of people on the street. Strange.
The jacket fits you nice. I have seen terrible things here and that is not your case, those jeans are not good. Get ones with your perfect large. On the shoulder pics it´s a bit big on shoulder but half a size?? For the pro touch get it waisted or waist supressed ( sorry for my english) and short the cuffs as the shirt sleeves are not showed on yours.
Nice thread I am european 48 1,92 cm tall and just 72 kilos. A walking spaguetti Edit, Boss is german sizing and they do fatter things than italian. Boss should fit americans, not me , too baggy!
fashion must be the answer...
wanted better alive
The customer failed on paying so it´s again available!
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley I have no clue what you are saying. IQ minor than 80? With your avatar seems possible... This guy below must double you, sorry to say. Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan You can have whatever personal view you like, but reality is a different story. I don't know of a single world-class tailor that is willing or capable of doing what you suggest. Moreover, a good tailor will not...
Must be something wrong on your measures. I measured some of my Corneliani and Canali real european 48 in drop 7 and measures are; in centimeters; 48 shoulder yours is 46 and that measure means the actual and real shoulder so yours should be 46 as a 39 neck shirt has 39 cms. breast, mines are 48 again armhole to armhole measured with the jacket plain on a table so it may vary. Yours is 61 so this is just impossible specially on a slim jacket. Sleeves ...
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