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Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid I'm really not fat, I'd like something that fits nice round the body. Sorry I meant that the fabric is fat, like the english fabric of the movies in the 30 and 40s not that you were obese. Sorry for my english!
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid I found this jacket in Pakeman, Catto and Carter which is 20 per cent Angora: http://pakeman.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=7710 [img'http://pakeman.co.uk/prodimages/7710XL.jpg[/img] I wonder if anyone could comment on the quality of their jackets and how the Angora will affect its teture, durability and likelihood of creasing? Are there better options at a lower price for a herringbone jacket? This...
Quote: Originally Posted by David Reeves ? I could make a Neapolitan suit but I don't want to. I also wouldn't be the best at doing that kind of suit. That said of course you alter lapel, thigh, bottoms all kinds of things to suit the clients needs or wishes. I loathe belt loops on suits but I make suits with them, I also like roped shoulders but I made a suit recently with an Armani like shirt sleeve shoulder. Comparing Neapolitan to English...
Quote: Originally Posted by Corniche Opinions on this non usual fabrics? I thought acetate was petrol and wasn´t And angora was rabbit! Thoughts on this fabrics used by Corneliani and Canali please
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon Those two things are not synonyms.... I am definitely snooty... but I try not to be pretentious (I'm sure there's a little pretense in all of us... there are very few Howard Roarks out there). Due to my low english level seems that I´m proud to say that I am not a pedant here ( another synonym I´m called sometimes ) as I didn´t understood snooty and That Howard man. Never heard of him. Wow I am not...
As a spaniard I must recommend to you if you don´t now yet this famous and top 10 wines. Rioja red wine crianza ( older than reserve) Ribera del Duero ( same as above but better for me)
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Try and get into other national/international firms like Grant Thornton or BDO. Big names make a huge difference when you're getting started. Even if you can't get into a big4 firm right away, if you work for someone like Grant Thornton for a year or two, it's very easy to switch over. When people in HR see that on your resume, even if they cold shouldered you the first time, they will give you a shot. A big name...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS And do coke! Who does charley?
Me as an european got bidets by double in all the flats I have got. Only used them to wash the gum soles of my shoes. Serious.
I love classical Longines, man keep it !! I'll buy it for my Longines collection if I were in the US .
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