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Quote: Originally Posted by stealthology I never use eBay anymore.. got scammed SELLING a laptop for $1700 a couple years ago. I was also scammed 2000 $ from a DBX 160 SL compressor from a black guy in Canada that fooled me. Paypal didn´t do anything. I called via embassy a canadian lawyer and he wanted to charge me 400 $ per hour!
Quote: Originally Posted by fosho Measurements, size run, etc. is going to be available by Friday when they go on sale! I'm working all by myself today so give me a sec gang. In the meantime, here are some fit pics on me (I usually wear size 30, and that's what I'm wearing in the pics): I bought one quite similar, same cut , orange sewns amd dark denim last year by Paul Smith. Never heard of those but looks pretty good.
Quote: Originally Posted by mccvi What exactly did I fake? Careful with your accusations please. And you ever ask?
This faker should be " semi" banned. My 2 cents
Quote: Originally Posted by slacker4life can people give me some ideas on what would be a good color to wear with a gray suit, and what color shoes? Pink is what better matches a grey suit for me, never blue!
Nice pictures, thanks man- One question, what are those shoes doing on the river border? Pictures of the Budapest brothels?
I only liked the style on the black man on a suit, the rest I´ll think about homeless or sex street workers. Sorry to say.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 You can find Pastek Philip on eBay
Quote: Originally Posted by Will Fifty? No tiemaker I know insists on more than a dozen. Several will weave silk for you for as few as four ties. You mean that you can ask for your own design tie and have it produced just 4 of them? Sound so good that I must have it understood badly.
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